Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update, Passports, and Thankful

Thank you all for the intense prayers.  I discovered, thank to my Heavenly Father, that yesterday needed to happen.  I praise God is did.

(Never thought I'd say that, did you? Smile....)

As I prayed to God to stop what was going on, HE saw me through it instead of stopping it.  He knew Benjamin needed it.  Ben needed to know I would NOT go away.  He also needed to know that I am capable and his authority figure. 

Today was not perfect, but then again....our son has been through the ringer.  Today was better.  Ben was more gentle.  Until he got tired in the middle of the day, he wasn't hitting or kicking constantly. He had some self control, even considering what his body may be going through.

From talking to those experienced in some of the parts of this situation, in ONE area we may be through the worst of it.  As clear as mud, right?  More at a later date...when I'm in my husband's arms.


Today GOD reminded me that we needed to laugh, tickle, and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE (ok, get out of the house may have been me).  Where closed spaces seem to be generally harder, in big places Ben likes to observe.  Again, this went fairly well until he got tired.  The tired was my fault too.  You see...


I needed to get a small gift for each of the kids back home. They have been so strong.  This was the last day we could do Ben got tired and....

My fault...

That said, I needed to get on here and let all you amazing prayer warriors know.  It's not easy, it's not "fixed", but it's worth the fight.  Ben is worth the fight.

Well, it is past 10:00 pm here and I need to go to bed.  Benjamin is an early riser.

PLEASE pray we get good seats on our flights.  The first short one and last shorter one do not allow you to assign seats ahead of time.  We need to be together.  These flights will be hard and we need to be warriors together, not separately.
Please pray that we are all safe physically, emotionally, and spiritually (including those back home).
Please pray all the appointments go well tomorrow and the doctors may help us figure out how to handle the flight.
Please especially pray for Benjamin, to calm his spirit, remove his fear, diminish the aggressiveness, and ease the health issues...and ATTACH AND LOVE (it's happening...but we need prayers covering this).
Please pray for me...whatever you were praying yesterday (smile).  I can feel it.  Peace? Patience? Strength?

Now it's almost 10:30 pm.  I need to run...or actually sleep.  Thank you friends...

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  1. I am loving the "God" picture here. We, while in our sin, fought, kicked, hated, rebelled, all that against our Father. Our Father, that had ALREADY forked over so very much just to have us do that to him. It was for us, to know that even through our fighting with him, he still loves us. No wonder he refers to himself as Father. Keep up the good "fight". Love is scary, it leaves you vulnerable, he has never been able to be vulnerable. Those walls will get holes in them, they may even fall completely! Blessings on your Faithfulness to move onward.


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