Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Unnamed Request

I wasn't sure I was going to share this publicly, but have (just in the last 24 hours) had several ask me privately about our unnamed prayer request.  It's not that it's an uber secret.

I honestly hadn't shared for two reasons. 
#1: We've been trying to figure out how we could either do this or do without.
#2:  It feels frivolous mentioning, though it is a need. 

Here is our unnamed request that we still very much appreciate prayer for (man, still feels silly asking).

Yesterday, I realized there is no way to get around it or do without.  We have to have another vehicle. 

The doctors and appointments we will have for Benjamin are extensive.  Add to that prosthetic appointments (which can be far apart or VERY close together) for Jael and we need our teens to have a car (share a car).  Our oldest (18) is looking for a job and will be starting the local community college next year.  Our sixteen year old will also be doing dual-credits at the local community college (which is free for her).  They also need to have the ability to run siblings places and errands (if needed). 

With all these things, we are racking our brains on how to afford another vehicle.  We haven't figured it out yet.  We ALWAYS buy used.  We just do.  We would be looking for a small used CHEAP and RELIABLE vehicle (Ya, that doesn't always go well and reliable).

Here's the problem...I can't figure out how we could currently make payments.  Our oldest will pay for his own insurance (since he's older), but our daughter helps so much here at home, that (at least for awhile) we need to pay for her insurance.  With paying for her insurance, we really couldn't afford payments on a car.  Yup, we're at the "chasing our tail" stage.  We just haven't been able to figure this out.

So, see why I feel a little silly sharing?  I'm praying for a car (or a way).  Yup! I feel pretty ridiculous.  I say I will always try to be honest here.  So there it is and THAT is why it was unnamed (smile).

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  1. Praise God for not going into debt! That would be a decision to regret for sure! God will provide, I completely know He will! If we run out and get a vehicle using debt, then we've bypassed trusting that God will provide! By the way, I LOVE that you're an adoptive family AND a homeschool family!! You're awesome Mom! Keep up the great work even when things seem crazy! Keep chugging along and loving Jesus! You're doing fantastic! And I love that your 16-year-old is dual-enrolled, I just read "College by 12" and early college is definitely one of our homeschool goals as well!
    -Beka =)


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