Monday, June 10, 2013

The Non-Eventful, Eventful Day

At five am the day started as I lay in bed with pure nausea.  

As the morning progressed I figured out that this day was a bust. 


Then the water disappeared from the house.  The one day when I'm having stomach issues?  I truthfully needed to laugh.  Also, our wonderful host is out of town for the day.

"Pffttt" to no running water.....

Then we found out the embassy had the TB tests in again.  My stomach sunk, but I do understand.  The hard part is telling the kids that it will be at least another day until home.  We will leave for the capital tomorrow and have the test the next day and read on Friday morning before our embassy appointment.

*Head on desk*

Oh, and Ben's passport MAY not be here until Thursday.  It HAS to be here by Thursday to have the embassy on Friday.


So, instead of complaining I'm going to share our blessing.
*Tomorrow we take custody of Ben at long last.
*We get to enjoy an extra day in the capital city and my brother can see it for the first time (not just driving through).
*We have a fantastic facilitator who is trying to get us home.
*My husband is handling this so well, no complaining...just strength and support.

We could use prayer for the water to come back really soon.  We have laundry that needs to be washed to have time to dry (as there is no guarantee we will have a washer or time to dry in the capital).  I know it seems inconsequential, but it would help. UPDATE: Water came back on within 30 minutes of posting this! Also, please continue to pray for my stomach to be healed (and whatever in my body)...otherwise tomorrow may be even rougher.  The IMPORTANT requests are below.

Here's a couple of random pictures I had yet to post....

This is the living room where we are staying.
The yellow curtain covers the door where we come into the room and where I took the picture above.

Immediate Specific
*For comfort for the kids back home as they wait.
*VERY clearly a negative TB test for question.
*For the passport to come in BY Wednesday and for there to be no glitches.
*For Ben to be able to eat and drink well without throwing up and also for his health.  We have reason to believe this will be rough (cannot explain at this point).  He will need intensive prayer.
*For Ben to not be afraid/angry and for his aggression to diminish (toward himself and others) and for the other reasons for his aggression to be rendered ineffective (not his fault/choice).
*For peace and strength.  We still need it desperately.
*For Seats (bulkhead seating) together in EVERY flight.  When Ben stims it would be very hard for the person/s in front of us.  Bulkhead seating has a wall in front of us.
*Please pray against any adverse reactions Ben may have as he leaves the institute.
Equally Important if Not Even More Important
*For us to GLORIFY GOD in this whole process.
*For satan's hands to be tied and his mouth to be covered.
*For protection...physical, emotional, and spiritual for ALL of our kids, us, and everyone involved in this process.
*For the boys still in the institution...comfort, protection, and peace that passes understanding.
*For our friend's nephew...that the hold drugs have on him is released and he turns to our Heavenly Father.
*For my brother, sister-in-law, and niece...that they are protected from their unbalanced neighbor and the rest of those involved stop living in fear of retaliation and start reporting the horrible things he is doing.
*For the Cooley family~ I just found out tonight that a friend from the congregation we used to be members of passed away from a long battle with cancer.  She was my age.  Please pray for her family and children...comfort and peace.  My heart is breaking for them.

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  1. Oh Kat we are praying! We want you home too!! (((HUGS)))


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