Friday, June 14, 2013

Please Pray...

Please pray, at 2:30am we head for the airport 5 1/2 hours from now.  Twenty three hours later we will see our family. 

This afternoon was hard.  Withdrawal?  Institutional autism? We don't know.  It's like we've gone back a week.  Hitting, manic phases, spitting, and kicking....they've all been happening again today.  We had a brief respite where we played calmly and connected, which was wonderful.  Yet even now, as I'm trying to get him to sleep, he hit another manic episode.  He is precious...and hurt...fractured from years of living in a crib and then a mental institution. 

I'd been wondering tonight...thinking.  Why does Ben love the bath so much that he stims when he's in it?  Yes, it could be a normal answer and I could say that all kids love to play in water...but...

Ben gets joyous, over excited, and tries to drink the water multiple times.

My son is chronically dehydrated.  They did not give them enough water (so they wouldn't use the restroom very much, we believe).  A bath to my son in like being in a bathtub full of food.  He can't believe there's just this much water.

That's reality.

It's rough and we are in the middle of a war.  Tomorrow may be painfully hard.  PLEASE PLEASE pray Ben sleeps most of the time and is calmed (non aggressive, non manic).  I'm not sure what else to pray for.   PLEASE pray and petition over the next 36 hours. 

I am now surviving on three days of very little sleep.  Tonight I will probably get three hours.  Please pray for endurance, strength, peace, and patience beyond what makes sense for me.

Thank you.


  1. Hugs for you... there are people all over lifting you up to the Father when you cant stand... you're almost home.

  2. I´ve never commented before, but have been following your family´s journey since you committed to Jonathan and have been praying for you and, now, for Benjamin. One of my readings today was from the book of Joshua, recalling a battle Joshua and his troops fought (and won) "after an all-night march"... Praying that God will grant you, your brother and Ben, that same victory (and peace!) after your "all night march".
    --Sr. Anna (American nun, living/working in a girls´ home in Bolivia)

  3. You are in my prayers and I just can hardly wait to hear that you are home!!! May the Lord bless the rest of your journey and bring your family together soon!

  4. I am/will be thinking of you and praying for you! Hoping all goes well!

  5. praying you home!!! lifting you up in prayer! hugs :) you are SO close!

  6. Not sleeping is HARD. I will pray!

  7. Oh kat, im sorry. Yes yes on the bath, yes yes yes on the chronic dehydration. Sighh. I just wish I could be there with you. I need a hug too :( ! The exaustion is so hard. Just picture jesus walking beside you. He's there. Cant wait to see you all home. Im racking my brain for ideas..or things that might help. Judd was not this bad at first. It came, just not all at first like this. Hang on sister.

  8. I am obsessively refreshing my browser for the update. :)

    We're still praying for your safe travels.


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