Sunday, June 9, 2013

Meat, The Inside, and Spy Kitty

No levitating goats, not many dysfunctional roosters, many cats and dogs everywhere....

as we made our way to the open air market....for the last time.

We had not yet been in this building at the open air market.  It was a meat market in there (hee hee).  The smell was...ummmm....

We stocked up on fruit for our boys....THE boys of the institute.  So much fruit was purchased that a car had to pick us up.
Thank you all again for helping us help the boys.

I will forever be grateful for the donations for "the boys" for another reason now.  Because we bought SO much fruit AND it was the weekend (office staff was gone), we were allowed to carry the fruit to the back again today.  We smiled and waved at the boys/men in the metal sheds.  As sweat was pouring down me (think walking bath) due to the humidity, my eyes lingered on those sheds.  Summer has to be miserable, dusty, dirty, with cooking children.

Though the front of the compound is beautiful and manicured, the back is dusty with much less plant life. 

The nannies smiled and waved at us.  They really do have a place in my heart.  How do I share Jesus across the language barrier?  I hope they understand when I give them a hug stalker that I am (wink).

Today, as we stood in the back waiting to hand over the fruit, we were motioned beyond.  They called Benjamin over and he took my hand and we climbed the steps to the two story building.  They led me to a room (piled with clothing) to leave the fruit, unlocked another room and led me in to dress Benjamin.  Toys were spread out all over the room.  Ben ran to touch nothing and stood looking around.  (He doesn't know how to play with toys.)  We believe this room is not usually used.  Toys are foreign.

After nicer clothes were put on my son, we were then led through a hallway. There was no  scent anywhere (they keep it clean) to another room.  They showed us where Benjamin slept...even his specific bed.  When I asked to take a picture, we were told "Nee-el-zah" (not allowed) with a smile.  I am and was totally ok with that.  I don't want to get anyone in any trouble for showing us where Benjamin slept.  There were four beds.  Two bed were head to head on each side of the room. Ben sleeps on the bottom floor of the two story building.  The beds were made... a lace linen laid over the pillow.  Was this "showing" planned?  I don't know, but that they showed us this kindness is amazingly cool.  They didn't have to.  Below is a general sketch....very professional.

There looked to be a lock on each room. 

As we were leaving, we were able to walk through a group of boys.  A boy/man who (as many seem) cognizant NOT impaired (they would be main streamed in the states, hanging out with my teens) leaned down and pointed me out to Benjamin.  "Mama", he said.  As we reached our normal playing grounds I looked up.  Turned in my direction was one boy I had hopes of seeing.  The last time this boy was seen he was in a wheelchair.  He was walking.

It washes over me in waves, the thoughts....
"Tomorrow is your last day here son."
"One visit tonight and two tomorrow and you will leave all you've ever known behind."
"You have sisters and brothers."
"Will the other boys wonder where you have gone?"
"It hurts to think of not seeing their smiles."
"I wish all the kids could be here...knowing you here."
"It's time to go home."
"Never forget...never..."


My stomach, my heart is confused, happy, sad...

This afternoon we made our way back to the institute...only two more visits before we take custody.

PLEASE PRAY FOR BEN'S PASSPORT TO COME IN TUESDAY AFTERNOON.  If it comes in on Wednesday it would still be ok, but we are praying for Tuesday.  PLEASE ALSO PRAY FOR BEN TO NOT HAVE TO TAKE THE MEDICAL TEST.  Last check, no tests were in.  LASTLY, PLEASE PRAY FOR BEN PHYSICALLY.  We have every reason to believe that he will not be feeling good after we take custody.  I'm not going to get into it, but PLEASE pray for him. PLEASE PRAY WE ARE ABLE TO GET HOME BY FRIDAY AND GET GOOD SEATS TOGETHER ON THE FLIGHT.

Hitting the Ball

 Random Thoughts of the Day:

We saw a guard cat today, or at least was thought it was a guard cat.  It was really a spy.  It would stand guard in front of the gate until I whipped out my camera and then it would run (EVERY TIME).  It didn't want to be filmed.  You can barely see him, but we got him!  Super spy kitty is exposed! (Our tiredness is exposed as well.)

Random Pictures of the Day:

This is a local bus dropping someone off at the corner.

This is Tatiana.  She is such a blessing to us.

This is a normal sight walking through town.

Small towns or big, rich or poor, they all have elaborate churches (usually Orthodox).

No explanation needed...

I've been doing laundry today.  The washing machine is at the back of the bathroom and we are so thankful for it!

Ya, I's for no reason...thus random.
 Skype Pictures of the Day:
You notice anything missing?  Ya, me too.  Skype wasn't working tonight.
Immediate Specific
*For the passport to come in Tuesday afternoon and for there to be no glitches.
*For our Ben to NOT have to take the test (God's Will first)
*For us to BE HOME by Friday!
*For Ben to be able to eat and drink well without throwing up.
*For Ben to not be afraid/angry and for his aggression to diminish (toward himself and others).
*For peace and strength.  We still need it desperately.
*For Seats (bulkhead seating) together in EVERY flight.  When Ben stims it would be very hard for the person/s in front of us.  Bulkhead seating has a wall in front of us.
*Please pray against any adverse reactions Ben may have as he leaves the institute.
Equally Important if Not Even More Important
*For us to GLORIFY GOD in this whole process.
*For satan's hands to be tied.
*For protection...physical, emotional, and spiritual for ALL of our kids, us, and everyone involved in this process.

*For the boys still in the institution...comfort, protection, and peace that passes understanding.
*For our friend's nephew...that the hold drugs have on him is released and he turns to our Heavenly Father.
*For my brother, sister-in-law, and niece...that they are protected from their unbalanced neighbor and the rest of those involved stop living in fear of retaliation and start reporting the horrible things he is doing.
*For the Cooley family~ I just found out tonight that a friend from the congregation we used to be members of passed away from a long battle with cancer.  She was my age.  Please pray for her family and children...comfort and peace.  My heart is breaking for them.

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  1. Oh, Kat! What grace God has shown you in letting you into the back of the orphanage and into Benjamin's room! I can imagine the joy and pain of seeing the boys/men (especially a certain one) and having one tell Benjamin you are his Mama. Blessing abound!


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