Monday, June 3, 2013

Friends, Berries, and Llamas (Ok, No Llamas)

Ya, I'm pretty tired.  Can you tell.  No llamas, sorry....

This morning was a rough one with Ben.  He came to us stimming.  Why? We may never know.  Since we now have a bigger vocabulary that he understands, even with stimming, we get smacked MUCH less and his self harm has gone down as well. (Happy Dance).

This is the medical office we bring him in to say goodbye (Paka) every day.

This afternoon was one of those afternoons we wish we could just freeze.  It was wonderful...peaceful.  Why? We (again) may never know...wait.  We actually do. It was a gift from God. 

The were doing work at the back of the compound.

On the way out...Ben was fascinated.

Our baseball player in the making.

After a beautiful visit, the great day continued.  Remember the friend (Yuri) that Thomas made.  He's a seriously cool guy.

He invited us over to pick some cherries and gave us a box of freshly picked strawberries.  He and his wife are so kind.

They may have even had little visitors that weren't llamas.  You'll never guess who....

You know I can't stop myself and I don't know why, right?

After we got home our hostess Tatiana, our facilitator Luda, and her daughter and grandchildren visited a little...

....before Tatiana cooked us a wonderful dinner.  Notice the berries?  This was only part of them.
I would go on BUT since I know you all are waiting for it...
Random Pictures
Goat screaming, "I AM NOT A CAT!!!!"

Do you spot it?

Thomas took pictures of dogs...the rebel.

Jael/Rachel's coloring book that they wanted us to see.

This is what my oldest daughter and I do on Skype.
 The two immediate prayer requests are as follows (Week of June 2nd-June 8th) .  We desire God's will above all else.
1. That our trip tomorrow is fruitful and only one trip is necessary (we may have to return Wednesday).
2.  That the passport office in the city we are going to (or whoever needs to) talks to the people here so that we do not need to wait to have our passport in hand to have Ben's name taken off the orphan registry. 
3.  That things go quicker than we could imagine and God's glory shines above all else.
4. Please pray my husband and brother have a safe trip and that we all keep our eyes on glorifying God.

The prayers concerning next week (June 9th-June 15th) ...
1. That our medical allows us to skip the normally required test.
2. That my brother is able to see and enjoy the country and fall in love with it as we have...God touching his heart.
3.  That we get a quick embassy date.
4. PLEASE pray that, not only does Benjamin do wonderful and rest a lot on the flight, but please pray that we get good seating.  Some that we've had are...ummm...not good, but also would NOT be good for Ben to be in if he stims.  We are praying for bulk head seating and that we are all together.  Please pray that our trip is safe.

Remainder of Prayer Requests:
Please pray for protection of Ben when we are not with him...not only from others, but also from his fears and anger (anger because we left him and fear of us not returning).

Please pray for a family dear to us that is fighting for the life of a family member against the addiction to drugs.  Please pray he turns to God and seeks help. 
Please also pray for my brother, sister-in-law, and niece (in a different state) that are dealing with a neighbor that is mentally unstable.  There is limited the police can do since others in the neighborhood are afraid of retaliation should they report him.  It's serious and his actions toward our family members are scary, as well as some of the local children.  I will be sharing more of the story and asking for intense prayers in the next 36 hours.  It's a very serious situation.  Thank you!!!!
ALL Prayer Requests

*Please pray that God continues to prepare Benjamin's heart and calms his spirit.  Giving him restfulness.  Please pray he attaches and learns to love (and learns what family is) quicker than we can fathom.  Please pray for his fears to dissipate. This will be scary for him.*PLEASE pray that the master of lies hands are tied. 
*Please pray that the small town's gates are “figuratively” thrown down and God’s love floods the streets.

*Please pray our children at home are safe...physically/emotionally/and spiritually.  Attacks on the kids happened last time we were gone on the trip to bring Jael home.  PLEASE cover them. 

*Please also pray as our children at home try to stay organized in our absence, that things go smoothly for them and time passes quickly.

*Please pray for my husband and I (and brother), for our SAFETY and that we remain WELL.  We are in a VERY rural with no one that speaks English most of the time.  We are also exhausted (physically and at times emotionally).  This can really wear on the spirit at times.  Please pray we are physically rested.

*Please pray for my mom, brother, and friends as they care for our children (safety, smoothness, etc.)

*Please pray that the current trip has a speed that can only be explained as a blessing of God. 
*Please pray that our trip home with Ben is peaceful and uneventful.  Please pray that calm (beyond understanding) reigns for our sweet Benjamin and that we see what we need to do to help him.  Please pray he is able to sleep a lot on the plane, which should make it easier on him.

*That ALL paperwork needed is sped (by God's Will) in country (with NO hiccups). That the registrar quickly and easily removes Benjamin from the orphan registry, making things easy.
*Please pray for comfort as we continue to mourn Jonathan.
*Please pray for us to have a connection with the head of the institution. God has given us a love for the head of the institution and the caregivers.  Also, please pray for our connection to those in the village.

*Please pray that the head of this institution shows us where Benjamin has resided these last two years...and around the institution and laying rooms.  This is a wish, but we respect their decision.  Please also pray we are able to see/meet a few other boys that we pray for.

 *Please pray the trip  itself is smooth.  There are NO issues.  That every blip, every ironed out before us.

*Please pray that our lines of communication with our children are successful (Skype, Magic Jack, international texting).  We are in a very rural region.


"About Benjamin He said:'Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in Him, for He shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders.' Deuteronomy 33:12

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