Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Family and Just an Echo

"And now, O Lord God, you are God, and your words are true, and you have promised this good thing to your servant." 2 Samuel 7:28 (Verse of the Day)

Born ten years ago, at the end of July (2013) was a little boy.  He wasn't what his parents expected.  He was born different, a special little baby with Down Syndrome.  In the society he was born in, "special" children were often (though not always) dismissed.  They were told it would be too much to parent them, emotionally, financially, and physically.  They were sometimes told it was to costly to love "the least of these". 

He was relegated to a place where cribs were used to keep children small.  He was always hungry and so very tiny for his age.  He turned inward, the only stimulation coming from within himself.  He developed institutional autism.  At six, he was just learning to walk.  This little boy was used to being hungry, his caregivers, and being ignored.  He didn't bother to cry, no one came.

One day, everything changed.  He was whisked off to a place where he was surrounded by both boys and grown men.  They would (at times) scream, hit...bite (he had marks on his face to prove it).  They would sometimes laugh when a little one was hit.  These boys were so big that those in charge could (at times) do little, some tried.  The screaming was scary.  Some of the big boys were nice though, but they were often kept in different groups.  They didn't know how to play.  There were no toys they played with, just the sheds. 

They gave him medication to help him sleep, all the boys.  They gave most of them medication to keep them calm.  He rocked himself to sleep at night.  He spent his days in a shed and his nights in a locked room. He rocked to comfort.  He punched and pinched himself to just do SOMETHING...to just feel something.

One day everything changed. 

God's love shined down on a family across the world (a family mourning and in pain after losing one son) and shared with them that this little boy is special.  God said he would help them, because this little boy is a gift.

If he hurts himself, they will show him how to love himself.
If he smacks them in the face or rakes his finger drawing blood, they will show him that God's blood was shed for him and they will teach him gentleness.
If he goes through withdraw from the "calming" medicine, they will hold him, pray for him, and bring him to those who are trained to help.
If he pushes them away, they will draw him closer.
They are his Daddy, Mommy, Brothers, Sisters, Grandmas, Grandpas, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Friends...and the list goes on.  They are HIS family....and he is a gift to them. He is a priceless gift.

Sometimes this boy may not like it.  He may find love fearful, but love will conquer fear.  He may fight caring, but HIS family will still love him. 

Family is forever.

He has been adopted...

and adoption is an echo of God's redemption.


We started the day early, packing, organizing, and praying we could shut the suitcases.

Ben and I's suitcases.

My brother's suitcases.  I was thankful he had room leftover!
 I picked out the clothes Ben would be changed into just before we took custody.

Steve and I then had to walk into town to pick up the things we had planned to pick up yesterday.  A donation for the orphanage, baby food (as Ben cannot eat anything solid and we needed SOMETHING we could take with us that didn't need to be refrigerated), and a couple little miscellaneous things.

Diaper donation for the "Internat"

We may have even taken a picture of a cat (sigh).  It IS the super spy kitty.  It's just is in disguise.  It changed colors (and got fluffier and bigger).

Then we waited...and waited.  Finally we went down to the "Internat" to sign the papers to take custody of Ben. 

After a quick lunch (the institute was going to go ahead and feed Ben before our long trip), we said goodbye to sweet Tatiana...

Our facilitator Luda and Tatiana (who we rented a room from)

....and went to pick up Thomas and I's son...God's gift.
Headed to the "Internat"
 Finally...'nuff said...

Mommy, Ben, and Uncle Steve

We're OUTTA HERE!!!! (Truthfully will miss everyone and the town though)
Within ten minutes...

We made it to the capital, with a nap, a very hungry and stimming little boy...and a relieved mommy and uncle.

He loved the bath, but was so excited that the stimming took over. He just couldn't process it.

So (though now Benjamin is asleep) the picture below is of my stubborn little man fighting sleep.

This journey has NOT been easy.  I will NOT pretend.  The road ahead is unpredictable and cloudy...BUT we are together.  We are family.  We are blessed.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.  We may have rough days ahead.  We also just found out Ben's passport had a glitch.  PLEASE PRAY HIS PASSPORT COMES IN BY THURSDAY.  Please, very seriously, petition.  My brother has to be at work by Monday and Thursday is the last day it can come in to make our Friday embassy date.

Please also pray intensely this week.  Without sharing everything, prayer cover is greatly appreciated and needed.  Please pray for....
*Ben~ Comfort, Health Issues (I cannot get into everything, but this is VERY necessary.)
*Kat and Steve (my bro)~ Strength, Patience, and Peace...and Discernment
*All~ That we are able to remain rested this week.

Immediate Specific

*For comfort for the kids back home as they wait.
*VERY clearly a negative TB test for Ben...no question.
*For the passport to come in BY Wednesday and for there to be no glitches.
*For Ben to be able to eat and drink well without throwing up and also for his health.  We have reason to believe this will be rough (cannot explain at this point).  He will need intensive prayer.
*For Ben to not be afraid/angry and for his aggression to diminish (toward himself and others) and for the other reasons for his aggression to be rendered ineffective (not his fault/choice).
*For peace and strength.  We still need it desperately.
*For Seats (bulkhead seating) together in EVERY flight.  When Ben stims it would be very hard for the person/s in front of us.  Bulkhead seating has a wall in front of us.
*Please pray against any adverse reactions Ben may have as he leaves the institute.
Equally Important if Not Even More Important
*For us to GLORIFY GOD in this whole process.
*For satan's hands to be tied and his mouth to be covered.
*For protection...physical, emotional, and spiritual for ALL of our kids, us, and everyone involved in this process.
*For the boys still in the institution...comfort, protection, and peace that passes understanding.
*For our friend's nephew...that the hold drugs have on him is released and he turns to our Heavenly Father.
*For my brother, sister-in-law, and niece...that they are protected from their unbalanced neighbor and the rest of those involved stop living in fear of retaliation and start reporting the horrible things he is doing.
*For the Cooley family~ I just found out that a friend from the congregation we used to be members of passed away from a long battle with cancer.  She was my age.  Please pray for her family and children...comfort and peace.  My heart is breaking for them.


  1. So awesome is the God we serve!! I am so happy for you all!! We got word today that Rosie passed court and she is ours, in a few weeks she will be home too!! 2 less orphans in the world this week :)

  2. Praying!!!!!! The photos are FANTASTIC!!! ((((BIG HUGS)))


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