Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tonight, Graduation, and Disappearance

My eyes are blurry.  I am BEYOND tired. 

It's not bad, just my list of about a trillion things getting longer.  I delegate too, but much I really need to take care of myself.

Tonight Tom (our oldest) and I went to his very last senior meeting.  We picked up his previously ordered diploma and his senior class picture.  The class trip was laid out in detail and I arranged, in our absence to Eastern Europe, for another parent to make sure he got home in one piece.

Our baby is graduating in 10 days...

and I have more to do than I can even fathom.  Though I hope to find time to post, I haven't dropped off the face of this earth if I disappear for a little bit. 

I still planning on posting a video of Benjamin.... and of prom, but I may have to lay posting aside for a little while.  I will try though, I promise.  The video of Benjamin eats at me...man, I miss him.


And to Nazi anonymous,  that was exactly my first question when I saw it.   I was assured by several that the theme was a travel theme and any resemblance is completely unintentional.  That was TOTALLY my first reaction too, ok...after I laughed at my crazy daughter (I didn't notice anything else at first).  Though I will admit certain of the "photo opportunities" looked an awful lot like Indiana Jones. 

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