Monday, May 6, 2013

The Lost Boys and Ben ~ Keeping it Open

Keep the PayPal button open EVEN after you are FULLY FUNDED?!

Madness, I say!!!!

Well, what do you's me.

I promised the post explaining..... and the fact that I still remember that I promised needs to be celebrated!  ( I feel like I have a million little gremlins in my mind saying, "Do this! No, do that!")

There are two basic reasons I'm leaving the PayPal button on our blog.

Reason #1: The Lost Boys
 During our last trip when we visited, we brought new shoes and they loved them! We also brought diapers.  Many of the boys are not potty trained and it is a necessity...especially for those in the laying rooms.  You all know why our hearts are there in the laying rooms: Jonathan. 
The plan is also to buy much needed fruits and veggies when we can (at the open air market).  They get them (especially fruit) rarely from what we understand. .

Reason #2: Our adoption fundraising covers so much.  Yet, because a lot of our "extra" funds go there as well, normal items that are needed as we bring a new child can't be paid for with savings and out of our normal paycheck.  Here are some examples of what we need....

Side Note: I sat here as Sarah edited this post and said, "Does this sound ok?  I don't want to sit here and go 'Nee nee nee nee, we need this and this...pfffttt' "  Just sharing so you know I really DO talk like this. (Laughing)


* We will be using eleven out of twelve seats in our van.  Due to this, we are going to have to put two car seats side by side in the back row (when Ben comes home).  Normal car seats don't fit and leave room for ANYONE to sit next to them without pain and with the seatbelt fastened.  We have to buy very specific ones that other large families are saying fit their vans (they are more narrow).  They are expensive ($250 a piece) and, though we are looking for used ones that haven't been in accidents, we have yet to find any.  We can't use boosters since the two middle seatbelts in back are both just lap belts.  It's wild, we have NEVER spent that much...urg.
*We need a stroller (sturdy umbrella with reclining seat) for travel.  Yes, Ben is almost ten.  He is small though (size of a four year old) and may get exhausted easily.  We know that just two hours of play wore on him.  During the last part of our journey we will be running EVERYWHERE !  Our guess is that the cost of this will be around $120 for one that is sturdy, will support him, and recline so he can sleep.  We will also be looking on Craigslist for this one.  Used is the way we like to go.
*We need to purchase (checking Craigslist for a used one) a twin size bed with a frame.
*We need a medical rails around the toilet.  How's that for honesty?!

All of these things are necessary.  We have racked our brains trying to figure out a way to cut prices, etc.  We know people have (and will ask) what we need.  Some probably assume we have everything due to the size of our family.  We do have a lot, but there are things we just don't have (or don't have anymore).  Besides clothing for Ben, the above items are the most important.  Everything donated for Ben will be used for him and items surrounding HIS needs.  If we are able to purchase what is needed, remaining funds will be put into a separate account for future medical expenses or items to help him.

Please, if you feel pressed on to give, specify "Lost Boys" or "Ben" (where you can write a message) in PayPal.  This will let us know how you wish to help. 

We want to again thank you all for, not only your prayers, but for also helping us financially bring Ben home. 

Thank you does not cover the blessing you are to our family. 

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