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The Answer is More Real~Bringing Benjamin Home

It's all overwhelming at times.  The need is so great.  I've read the great discussion about "being able to afford your children" and "waiting until you've saved enough to adopt".  I stumbled across a blog today where comment after comment was reaming those who allow others to walk the journey financially (with them) to bring their kids home. 

There are so many answers to this discussion (, but the answer is so much more real to me today than words. 

I see this picture and tears automatically come.  Our son has waited almost ten years (next month) for us to SEE him.  Why were my eyes so blinded?  Ten years he has waited for us...not just   For ten years we did not SEE.  HE is OUR son.

Year after year, it seems like here we are again...seeing.  Year after year, it seems here we are again putting our need in front of our brothers and sisters.  It's not easy. 

Loving Benjamin is....

God, in leading us, has brought us to our knees...putting aside pride.  We have had to put aside worldly wisdom and listen the HIS wisdom.  It doesn't have to make sense to the world.

So here we are again, putting (gulp) pride on the back burner, and putting our need out there.

We are so close to bringing our little boy home.  Prayerfully (praying HARD) we fly out around May 22nd...twenty days from now.  Less than three weeks until we need to have the funds before us. 

We know God has pressed on hearts.  We know God will lead others to SEE.  There should be NO guilt for those that God does not convict.  We place our need here before you and we will watch God work.  We are limited to what we can do.  GOD IS NOT.

Our need is approximately $2,167 (updated total as funds come in).

1. Flight prices in  May and June are said to go up.  May has the possible increase of $100 to $200 a person. June will (also from asking parents who traveled during this time) increase by approximately $500 a person.  Two previously planned flights (only the increase needed) ~ NEEDED (Guess) $1,400
2. Extra ticket since Thomas needs to return for court (not planned) will cost us an extra approximately $1,800.  We have $1000 previous given that we can dedicate to this.  NEEDED $800
3. Extra travel: We will most likely be able to travel by train mostly (said prayerfully) and only need to hire a car to drive out for the court date.  This includes travel to the town by car ($340), travel to the town for my brother (and out for my husband).  We hope a train from the next town is possible.  It may not be.  Our travel by car (since the region is rural) is expensive.   NEEDED (Guess) $700- $1000 depending on car vs. train availability and varying prices
4. Staying during the ten day wait (we were going home after court during the first trip~staying for the ten day wait wasn't previously budgeted) for both lodging and food.  Figuring out what we expected for lodging, we need about half of the funds for the ten day wait and for food. $240 for lodging in the town ($48 a day) and maybe $10-$15 a day for food~NEEDED $315

Total:  $3,515 before any donations We hope we can spend less than this and dedicate more to purchasing items for the boys at the institution.  We just don't know though.  We have to look at best and worst case scenario.

So that is it.  That is what is laid before us to climb the mountain and bring our son home.

We know God convicts hearts.  We know God knows how the funds will be provided and it may not even remotely be what we expect (isn't God so COOL?!) 

If God places this before you, there is a PayPal button to the side of our blog or you can give through our Reece's Rainbow Family Sponsorship Page (at the side of the blog which says "Help bring Jonathan Home").

Thank you for praying us and walking with us through this journey.  We are weary, but celebrating.  GOD IS AMAZING AND IT'S A PRIVILEGE TO FOLLOW HIM.

1.)  $121 to FSP (5/3/13)
2.)  $30 PayPal (5/3/13)
3.)  $50 PayPal (5/3/13)
4.) $100 PayPal (5/4/13)
5.) $48 to FSP (5/4/13-FSP now at $169)
6.) $1000 (5/5/13)
7.) $2,100 to FSP (5/5/13)

Total Needed $0.00 within a little over two weeks! FULLY FUNDED!!!!!

"About Benjamin He said:
'Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in Him,
 for He shields him all day long,
and the one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders.'
Deuteronomy 33:12

Prayer Requests

*Please pray that God sustains Benjamin.  Please pray that He continues to prepare his heart while we are apart and Ben dreams of us...knowing ways that wouldn't make sense to the world.  Please pray he attaches and learns to love (and learns what family is) quicker than we can fathom.  Please also pray that God calms him.  This will be scary for him and we pray that God calms his spirit.

*PLEASE pray that satan's hands are tied.  He does not want us (or anyone) to enter that village. 

*Please pray that the village gates are “figuratively” thrown down and God’s love floods the streets.

*Please pray our children at home are safe...physically/emotionally/and spiritually.  Attacks on the kids happened last time we were gone on the trip to bring Jael home.  PLEASE cover them.  Also, please pray for safety specifically for our oldest (Tom) as he will be on a senior trip for a week part of our second trip to Eastern Europe. 

*Please also pray as our children at home try to stay organized in our absence, that things go smoothly for them and time passes quickly.
*Please pray for my husband and I, for our SAFETY and that we remain WELL.  We are going somewhere VERY rural with no one that speaks English most of the time.  
*Please pray for my mom, brother, and friends as they care for our children (safety, smoothness, etc.)

*NEW~ Please pray that the next trip is as short as possible, while successfully completing Benjamin's adoption.  Please pray that the trips have a speed that can only be explained as a blessing of God.  Also, please pray that financially the funds come together quickly.

*Please pray that our trip home with Ben is peaceful and uneventful.  Please pray that calm (beyond understanding) reigns for our sweet Benjamin and that we see what we need to do to help him.

*That ALL paperwork needed is sped (by God's Will) in country (with NO hiccups).

*Please pray that court goes EXTREMELY easy and quick.  It doesn't always.

*Please pray for comfort as we continue to mourn Jonathan.
*Please pray for us to have a connection with the head of the institution. God has given us a love for the head of the institution and the caregivers.  Also, please pray for our connection to those in the village.

*NEW~ Please pray that the head of this institution shows us where Benjamin has resided these last two years...and around the institution and laying rooms.  Our intent IS just to see, and we pray she understands that.

 *Please pray the trip  itself is smooth.  There are NO issues.  That every blip, every ironed out before us.

*Please pray that our lines of communication with our children are successful (Skype, Magic Jack, international texting).  We will be in a very rural region.

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  1. It's Benjamin who has no money, no assets, no savings. We are the redeemed of the Lord and by devoting our lives to extending that same adoption through sacrifice and grace to the lost and forsaken children of this world we take their debt and their need as our own.., just like Jesus did for us. We couldn't save ourselves and we couldn't purchase our freedom.., but God. You are not the first Mother to put her child ahead of all else. Thank God!


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