Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Vent ~ Is it Wrong?

Ok, so I'm wondering if it's wrong to pray for two car seats?  I'm racking my brain on a way to afford two new car seats.  Ok, they don't have to be new...we'd HAPPY DANCE if we found a used ones.  They are just so specific (Diono Radian R100 Convertible Car Seat) and crazy expensive.  Other things are falling into place, but the car seats...not so much. 

You have to understand, we LOVE yard sales, any sales, Craigslist and the like....

My kids think it's hilarious when I did a search and found a 50% off coupon for Tom's graduation announcements.  It was actually cheaper than making them.

That's me....

So paying full price is hard...even more so when we just can't afford it right now.  I can't find them anywhere used, only new.  These car seats are the only ones narrow enough to fit side by side in the back of our van to preserve all the seating we need..  Did I mention they are CRAZY expensive?!  I don't think we've ever spent $259  a piece on ANY car seat!  That's the Wal-Mart price too!!! Craziness!

Is wrong to pray for a teaching co-op that will work with us and that we can afford?  We are so limited in what we will be able to do (service hours, being there all day, finances) that we are having a difficult time finding somewhere for our daughter (who is graduating next year).  She needs to take Calculus and Physics....and just hearing those class names makes my jaw drop and say, "You want what for how many cookies?"

Ok, so I'm wondering if it's wrong to pray for registration for college to be easy or the teens transcripts to come together quickly?  Or that....

So you can see where I'm going?  The above are becoming a little overwhelming.  My list, almost daily gets a little bigger.  We leave (possibly) two weeks from today for Eastern, not for Eastern Europe...for Benjamin (happy sigh).  Our oldest graduates in 9 days.

Today I can feel my blood pressure rising.  I'm grumpy and snappy and being completely ridiculous.

So, I pray....and pray...and pray....'cause God is the only one that can straighten my crazy brain out today (smile and chuckling).


  1. I found the Radian R100 seats for $208 w/ free shipping on and and a bunch of other websites with a google search this morning. I know it's not much, but it's $100 cheaper for two than you'd planned.

  2. My husband tutors calc and physics (he's a PhD in engineering). You have my email, drop me a note.

  3. I so wish I could bless your family with the carseats, however, my finances don't allow for that. I did find them quite a bit cheaper though, they are on amazon for $80 less than the Walmart price. I hope that helps some!

  4. for car seats swagbucks? overstock? retailmenot?

    For the classes for your kid who needs chemistry and physics, why not do Khan Academy?

  5. If she wants apologia physics, i have videos of my coop from a few years ago for the second half of the year. Ill put them on youtube if she wants them. They arent perfect and we are sometimes goofballs. Leave me a comment on if you are interested.


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