Monday, May 6, 2013

REALLY?!!!! Dragonflies and Bricks....

So here I am, just walking along in life, having my mini breakdowns....(officially achieving "big baby" status)....

and you come in.  You know who you are (at least I hope you do, because it could then get really confusing...chuckle).  You step out of the comfort zone we call "life" and leave us astounded. 

Explain?  Oh, you mean you need to actually understand what I'm talking about?  Well, you had to make things more complicated, didn't you (wink)?!

You see, I spent this last week being just a little bit of a mess.  That just may be an understatement. 

I have been just slightly (VERY) overwhelmed with how much needs to be accomplished.

Picture standing in the middle of the road as an oncoming car plows toward you and you freeze, eyes HUGE and you can't seem to move.  Yup, I was the middle aged deer in the headlights of life.  Never seen "laugh lines" on a deer? Well, you have now.

Prom happened Saturday, which was a gift in itself.  A couple generous people made prom possible for our two oldest.  In the middle of an adoption journey, prom may not really have been in the budget.  A ticket was bought, tux and dress paid for...NO JOKE.  I love that people love and cherish our kids.  Let me tell you, they looked fantastic (but that is for another post). 

Ok, stop begging me,  I'll give you a sneak peek.

The precious goof in the blue (side car) is our daughter Sarah.  Lexi (her bestie) is on the motorcycle.

Did you actually think I would share the "typical" Prom pictures yet?  Do you even know me?! (*sniff*)

Prom was just a start of what needs to happen in the next two weeks though.  I'm taking one day at a time and actually making a goal list for each day. (Today's goal...write list)

*Home school needs to happen at least three times a week for the next two weeks. We are not where I wanted to be in home school at this point.  I'm not going to push things these next two weeks, but need to get back on track.  Also, our Sarah (16) said that she would work on some home school while we are in Eastern Europe (mini little happy dance...just a little moon walking here).
* I need to make lists to help keep our home running in our absence. The last trip lasted only one week and this one will be two weeks for Thomas and at least three weeks for me.  We saw some things that needed to be tweaked.  I need to "tweak",  print,  and laminate paperwork (to make things easier). 
*Reorganization of the living room and more extensive baby proofing of the house~ Our living room needs to be less stimulating for Ben.  It needs to become more sensory rich and the toys/things in throwing distance need to be soft or exit the room.
*Emails from cherished friends need to be returned.
*I need to talk to doctors, therapists, experts.  I need to start a plan to lay out Benjamin's care.
*I need to paint Ben's area in our bedroom (never painted over Jael's decorations when Jael moved out and her "attachment" time in mommy and daddy's room had passed).  I also need to "decorate" for him.  Also needed is to find a bed on Craigslist (twin with just frame because we don't have a ton of room) for Ben.  We are hoping we can find one for fairly cheap.  As I'm writing this, I just realized we don't have any bedding for our new blessing as well.
*We need to hit sales (and yard sales) to find clothes for our little guy.  We didn't know what size he was wearing and it happens to be one of the sizes we "lost" in the fire when we were adopting Jael.  Gabe is right behind him though, so the clothes (between Ben and Gabe) will get a lot of wear.
*GETTING READY FOR OUR SON'S GRADUATION!!!!  Two weeks from last Saturday our son graduates...TWO WEEKS.  AHHHHHHHHH!!!!
*Did I forget to mention studying a foreign language and finding time to blog (which is a stress reliever for me)?

Ok, so the above list is just what I can remember off the top of my head.  I think I'm just blocking out the rest. 

I really just shared the list for one reason....THAT (the above) was pretty much why I was a middle aged deer in the headlights (a middle aged deer that has just decided to break out...seriously?!)

Yet two of these crazy, wonderful, Heavenly Father following families (individuals?) followed God to ease my insanity. 

Within a 24 hour period, we received a donation of $1000 and $2,100.  We now consider ourselves FULLY FUNDED....AGAIN!!!! 

A dragonfly underneath a brick is about how the money hanging over us felt...even KNOWING God has this.  It was uncomfortable, weighty, and the brick scratched a little.

Thank you to the two of you (families or individuals) who made focusing on everything "else" possible.  Thank you for listening to God.  Thank you for showing us such love.  Thank  you (eyes filling with, I'm emotional lately) for helping us attain that two seconds of Benjamin's joy (when he first sees us) for the REST OF OUR LIVES.  THANK YOU!!!! May God bless you as you have blessed us!!!


Just an F.Y.I....
We will be keeping the PayPal open (explained in a post later today) NOT to fund our adoption...that is FULLY FUNDED!!! (I just like saying that.)


"About Benjamin He said:
'Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in Him,
 for He shields him all day long,
and the one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders.'
Deuteronomy 33:12

Prayer Requests
*Please pray that God sustains Benjamin.  Please pray that He continues to prepare his heart while we are apart and Ben dreams of us...knowing ways that wouldn't make sense to the world.  Please pray he attaches and learns to love (and learns what family is) quicker than we can fathom.  Please also pray that God calms him.  This will be scary for him and we pray that God calms his spirit.

*PLEASE pray that satan's hands are tied.  He does not want us (or anyone) to enter that village. 

*Please pray that the village gates are “figuratively” thrown down and God’s love floods the streets.

*Please pray our children at home are safe...physically/emotionally/and spiritually.  Attacks on the kids happened last time we were gone on the trip to bring Jael home.  PLEASE cover them.  Also, please pray for safety specifically for our oldest (Tom) as he will be on a senior trip for a week part of our second trip to Eastern Europe. 

*Please also pray as our children at home try to stay organized in our absence, that things go smoothly for them and time passes quickly.
*Please pray for my husband and I, for our SAFETY and that we remain WELL.  We are going somewhere VERY rural with no one that speaks English most of the time.  
*Please pray for my mom, brother, and friends as they care for our children (safety, smoothness, etc.)

*NEW~ Please pray that the next trip is as short as possible, while successfully completing Benjamin's adoption.  Please pray that the trips have a speed that can only be explained as a blessing of God. 

*Please pray that our trip home with Ben is peaceful and uneventful.  Please pray that calm (beyond understanding) reigns for our sweet Benjamin and that we see what we need to do to help him.

*That ALL paperwork needed is sped (by God's Will) in country (with NO hiccups).

*Please pray that court goes EXTREMELY easy and quick.  It doesn't always.

*Please pray for comfort as we continue to mourn Jonathan.
*Please pray for us to have a connection with the head of the institution. God has given us a love for the head of the institution and the caregivers.  Also, please pray for our connection to those in the village.
*NEW~ Please pray that the head of this institution shows us where Benjamin has resided these last two years...and around the institution and laying rooms.  Our intent IS just to see, and we pray she understands that.

 *Please pray the trip  itself is smooth.  There are NO issues.  That every blip, every ironed out before us.

*Please pray that our lines of communication with our children are successful (Skype, Magic Jack, international texting).  We will be in a very rural region.



  1. "middle aged deer in the headlights of life"

    Oh how I feel like this every day with teens and elder-care. I may have to put this on a T-shirt!

  2. Why are there Nazis in your prom pics????


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