Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Graduation and a Trip to Eastern Europe

Tonight we gathered with forty sets of parents to do a run through of graduation.  Forty great teens are walking across the stage this week to accept the diploma from their parents. 

Once upon a time Tom was this little guy with an AMAZING smile.  It lit up a room.

It still does, except now he's an amazing man.

He just may be a little bit of a class clown.  He's a big goof and we are so proud (sniff).

In just a few days my husband and I will be on stage handing our son a diploma.  He made it...just wow. 

Time seems so short though.  Only days until our oldest child graduates high school.  Only seven days until my brother moves back into our house and we fly to Eastern Europe.

Our court date was confirmed, May 24th, 2013.  We ask that you cover these days, this journey, Ben, and the rest of our family (especially the children) in prayers.  Please pray for protection, peace, no hiccups, and blessing.  There is an amazing woman in Eastern Europe helping us during this journey as well (our facilitator).  Please keep her, the judge, head of the institution, and all involved in your prayers as well.

Here is what everything looks like.
My brother moves in and we fly out on the morning of May 21st. 
We arrive in Eastern Europe May 22nd.
We stay in the capital overnight and leave by car for the village in the morning (May 23rd).  Driving is the only way we can see Benjamin that day.  The train leaves to late to do so.
May 24th is court.  Yes, I am nervous, though not worried.
With a positive result from court, we have a ten day mandatory wait (required in this country).  After the wait, the paper chase starts and at some point shortly after, we take custody of our sweet Ben. 

My husband will leave to come home on June 5th.  My brother will replace him.  There is no telling how long my brother and I will be there.  This part of the journey can take as little as one week or as many as three.  We are praying for one.

That's it friends.  The thought of leaving our children is not easy.  The thought of  not knowing when I'm coming back, even harder.  BUT....we will leave the 99 (ok, eight...smile) to find the one. We long to have Benjamin in our arms again. 

I always said this was something I wouldn't do (two trips, not knowing when I will return).  It's so cool the journeys we end up on when we follow God.  He is SO good and SO patient.

Thank you for carrying us in prayer.  It's what God uses to keep me going some days...that and the thought of our family AT LAST being together.


(Side note: I'm hoping this makes sense in the morning and I don't find a million bloopers...soooo tired!)

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  1. Please know that I will be praying for you and your family. May God hold you all in His hands and keep you safe...and may He bring you all back safely together again.


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