Thursday, May 23, 2013

Benjamin...Priceless (Court Tomorrow)

We sat with the director laughing and enjoying her company.  We started every time we heard foot steps.  It has been a month.  We felt he would recognize us, but know it must be confusing to him.

Apparently, for days after we left last time, he looked for us.

The secretary walked out...we jolted in our seats wondering if it was Ben.  The groundskeeper walked in, our heads swiveled.  I'm surprised we didn't get whiplash.

It seemed to take forever as the rain just POURED.

There he was...our surprised (and slightly confused) nine year old.  His eyes red rimmed and his hair buzzed due to the heat.

We sat in the gazebo as it rained.  When it stopped we walked.  Playing ball outside with rain drops landing on our heads, puddles were an attraction.  He learned when he threw the ball and it landed in dirt/mud, daddy wiped it off on his daddy's jeans.  The little mimic that he is (PRAISE GOD! HE IS LEARNING!), he bent down, stuck the ball in a mud puddle, and wiped it on his pants.  Prayerfully we won't be judged for the happy dance we did (smile).

Everything was a little overwhelming for him today, but he knew us and he was remembering what fun (especially) daddy is.

We are thanking our Lord and Savior that Benjamin is back in our arms.

Tomorrow is court.  It's not like court for re-adoption in the States.  This one has a prosecutor and MANY speak and give their opinion.  We are asked question after question.  We are almost guaranteed the questions...

"Why would you want a special needs child?" (He's our son, though we will go into much more detail about how EVERY child is a blessing and has worth.)
"You have many children, why would you want another?" (Love multiplies, not divides)

We expect many questions.

Please cover us in prayer.  Pray our answers bring God glory and change hearts for God.  Pray the judge, prosecutor, institution representative, and ALL present WANT Benjamin in our family.  Pray the master of lies cannot even enter the courtroom, area, minds/hearts and paperwork of those involved. 

I'll leave you with a couple more pictures of a nine year old learning to love for the first time.

A trip across the world away from eight children, costly. 
Being surrounded by a language and culture we are only beginning to understand, intriguing.
Our nine year old son in our arms, a gift from other words...priceless.


  1. Awesome! Prayers for court and sweet Ben!

  2. ohhhh so good to see him in your arms again!!!!! <3
    praying for y'all!!!

  3. Oh, praise the Lord that you are back with him! I will be praying about court tomorrow, and for everything else to go smoothly so that you can get Benjamin home!

  4. I get chocked up when I read such a wonderful story about reunions and about people loving each other and willing to do what it takes to prove it. You and your family are certainly gems in the treasure trove of good will and human caring. Thank you for sharing your story. Debbie Baker, Nova Scotia, Canada

  5. Oh I have been praying... tears... welling up now as I catch up on everything. He's an absolute doll!

  6. Love that he remembered you. God is so good!!

    Will be covering you in prayers during court!


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