Monday, May 13, 2013

Almost There...Prayers

Tomorrow we should be getting confirmation of our court date. 

We have had some...hard we start gearing up to return to Eastern Europe. 

There is a last ditch effort to hit us...stop us...before we return. 

Adoption is a spiritual battle.  The adoptive parents in my life, all of them, would readily admit this.  When you can let yourself be "separate" and look at everything from the outside, it's wild to see just how obvious it all is.  There is warfare over these children...the orphans, to keep them that way.   Something (adoption) that so echoes of God...of His plan...of redemption....

Please pray that God's Hand covers this process, protecting all aspects (nothing can penetrate)...  protecting each individual involved, each individual paper, each process.  That our court date is confirmed and there is not a hiccup from that point on.

Please pray protection over our children and family, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Please pray God prepares Ben's heart, calms his spirit, and helps him to bond in a way that can't be explained by the world.

Please pray God's will be done.

Thank you....


  1. OH! the warfare! Others often don't "see" it, or understand it, they have not been on this journey. It's real, satan exists. Be strong Dear Sister and Brother in Christ! Be strong!! We are standing in the gap- we are praying!!

  2. Lifting you up in prayer!!!!
    This battle belongs to the Lord and your friends are praying and battling with you for your family!!!


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