Saturday, April 27, 2013

Two Seconds

This little one walks around the corner twice a day and gets a peek of us.

Almost ten years and no one has tried to look inward, at the treasure that should be so obvious.  They see difference...blackened teeth rotted to the nubs, breath rancid from decay.  They see stomping toddler steps instead of a nine year old's flying speed.  They see a child that looks to be four (only an inch and a half taller than Rachel, our three year old).

They don't see the gift...the wonder...the absolute beauty. 

Yet, when you (sweet son) get a glimpse around that corner as you come to greet us, you know.  You know you are our treasure.  You know someone SEES you. 

Your face FLOODS with pure joy.  It is about two seconds of joy that cannot be duplicated.  It will haunt my dreams until you are in our arms again. 

Two seconds, as you round the corner and see us, pure joy. 

You hold out your hands and run into your mommy's arms. 

Pure joy...

Yes, dear have a family.


  1. oh why do they make it so complicated to bring them home!? I love how he likes a hat. My boys throw hats off their heads!! LOL!!

  2. Oh, what a beautiful child!!! Seeing that lovely, darling little face, and knowing where he has come from and where he is going, has given me goosebumps!
    Thank you for saving him!!!

  3. Awww. What a great post. What a beautiful child. I can't wait to read that he is home with you.

  4. Amazing,bless you for saving him and blessings upon him for the joy he is bringing to your home.

  5. This is just so beautiful! It made me cry! What a blessing you are to him...and he is to you.

  6. This is absolutely melting my heart! Have you seen Heath or Samuel at all? I imagine Hanson is probably in a laying-down room....


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