Friday, April 26, 2013

Travel Prayer

For many reasons, we could not get court this first trip.  We can see God's Hand all over it and are thankful.  We leave here tonight (to preserve Thomas' vacation days).  Tomorrow we fly out and have a "courtesy" layover in Vienna...then to Washington DC and to home.  These were the only tickets that wouldn't cost $2000 more for us.

We plan to be back here around May 22nd.  Since Thomas also needs to come back for court and leave RIGHT after the ten day waiting period (that is required after court), we will need to fund raise. 

My brother will trade places with Thomas when he leaves here for the second time (which has been advised). 

Please pray for our safe travel, continued prayers for our kids (including Ben), and for the remainder of the funds to come in. 

The closest our sleep deprived minds can come up with is between $3000-$4000 that will need to be raised.  This includes travel to the region, a longer stay, as well as the "unexpected" that we've come to expect (smile).   I would be stressed, but we are to tired to be (sleepy giggle).

Hugs and thank you for prayers.

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