Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sick and WOW...JUST WOW....

Sarah (16) and I woke up sick.  It doesn't seem to be the Strep everyone else had at this point (just viral). 

We feel BLICK, but...oh well... (smile and shrug).

I happened to glance online this morning though. 

Ummm....AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Ok, I thought it, but didn't have the energy to say it.)

When our dossier (paperwork to country) is submitted, we are able to see a kind of "list" and figure out who is in line before us.  Our family and another family were number two on the list (submitted the same day 3/7/13). 

The #1 family on this list, the family that was due to receive their date in country FIRST, received theirs today.  The dates assigned usually come out around once a week.  They have to be there WITHIN FIVE DAYS!  Their "appointment" is MONDAY. 

The other family and ours should (if things go along the lines that they have been) receive our date NEXT week!!! Now, the "appointment" assigned could be around the 15th of April (the date we felt we needed to be there by).

Ummmm......AHHHHHHHHHH! (Still in my head)

Tallying the numbers this morning, the total is $3,911 that we still need laid before us.  Somehow the total may just have made me smile.  It's somehow appropriate. 

I cannot WAIT to see God working!!!!  What an honor.....

(Note to self 11 and 17...3/25/13))

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