Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Mind~Can You Follow It? Ready, Set, GO!

I wish I could say something overwhelmingly profound or passionate, but today I'm just not there.

We've been getting back to routine lately...well, kinda.

We've gone to our local teaching co-op...

Hannah, Our Anna, and Farrah Signing "The Pledge"
at lunch.

 Jael and Rachel fell asleep at rest time for the FIRST time EVER this week.
 I think that says something.

...cleaned our disaster looking house after illness (dishes are not supposed to crawl away), and dropped the kids off at Prom dance lessons tonight.  The teens are going to a Christian Home School Prom with friends.  Some of the line dances and such they teach are a blast.

I woke last night with a sore throat that I'm LITERALLY praying is allergies.  The kids just got over Strep and I'm trying to think positive.  Not feeling so hot tonight though.

My mind is bouncing around like a ferret on caffeine...and we have ferrets, and know that would not be...ummm...advisable really (smile). 

Here's just a glimpse of  my mind today.

I feel so odd right now.  We don't know what to plan for or exactly what we should be doing.  We should get travel approval this week (Thursday maybe) or next.  It usually takes 4-5 weeks and we were submitted 4 weeks ago Thursday.  We could possibly travel within a week of the day we receive the news.   If we get a quick date before or around the 15th of April (that we have to be in country by) we will travel.  Leaving our precious ones here with my brother and mother.  They're going to rotate camping out.

I'm behind in home school, but we need to be prepared to travel quickly if necessary.  Yet, we are not fully funded (still need $4,035).  There is a possibility of postponing travel due to not being fully funded. 

Do I plan for quick travel which needs much intense work and home school would need to be put aside and started again once we return?  I really should be ready to travel within two weeks (even a week and a half).

What if we don't travel quickly?  Maybe I should just home school and get ready at the last minute if things should take that turn. 

My house REALLY needs to be clean since I'm sure more people will stop by.  What are the chances it would stay clean while we're gone?

Oh, I need to address my son's graduation invites and complete his transcripts in case we do travel soon.  Ask about the diploma!  Don't forget! (All this is going on in my mind.)

(Sigh...I really wish we were bringing Jonathan home...and Ben....tear...sniff.  My mommy arms long for our son in Heaven.)

I feel a little like the Israelites.  They SAW miracles first hand and forgot so quickly.  The money, ya....the last of the money stresses me out a little.  Urg....you'd think I'd be past that by now.

Most days I'm confident.  You see, I KNOW God will provide, but emotionally...emotionally I'm tired and just want this aspect complete.  I don't want to think about finances.  I want to be able to say, "Check, that's done and we can move on to focus elsewhere."  Really, I know God has this and I can focus elsewhere...but that stinkin' human side. 

"Hello, I'm Kat.  I've tasted manna.  I've been provided it daily for years.  I'm just not sure it will be here tomorrow."

Yup, that's me.  Pffttt....ridiculous!  I want whatever brings God the most glory. Period. 

Man, my head feels weird.

I need to clean my "catch-all" bedroom tomorrow, before I can't even find myself in there.

"Hello! Where are you?!!! I'm here! I'm here!" (Sadly, I actually did say that in my mind.)

All these things are thought during CONSTANT prayer.

Now the question is, did you follow any of that?  Today, well...that's just a little bit of what's going on in my mind (laughing...and coughing...uh oh).

So, in an effort to not confuse you anymore, I'm going to go take some medicine and go to bed.  Sweet Sleep friends...

Thank you for joining my insanity today!

(I live in my own little world and they like me here.)

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  1. I completely follow you, thank you for your honesty. Keep on keeping on! Rest in God's strength. "The joy of the Lord is your strength." Nehemiah 8:10
    -Beka =)


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