Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mini Explanation and a POSSIBLE Cool Story (Thank you MamaV!)

For those of you who have followed our journey, you may not realize that this is only the first of two trips that we are waiting on.  Ben does not join us on American soil until the second trip.

MamaV commented on our last post and asked....which I am thankful for.  My mind is a little scattered. 

Here is the brief explanation.

This Eastern European nation works differently.  We have two required trips. 

They look like this.  We are traveling on Trip One this time.

Trip One: Thomas and I arrive in country while my brother and mom stay at our house with the kids. 
(Day 1) We will go to our appointment. 
(Day 2) We received our referral. 
(Day 3) We travel to our region, meet the director and sign papers saying we wish to adopt Ben. 
(Day 4 to ?) We visit two times a day for about an hour and a half. 
(Day ?) We have court and become legal parents of our child (in country).  We pray our court date is BEFORE the beginning of May where holidays start.
(Day ?)  We travel home.

In between the two trips there is a required ten day wait.  We cannot stay, as the village is rural and it isn't always permitted.  We will be running into holidays in this particular nation as well.  May 1st-13th almost nothing will progress.  Our oldest (Tom) graduates high school on the 18th .  His graduation is only five days after we really could return...assuming our court date is before the beginning of May.  We will stay here for graduation (as our son needs us especially after losing Jonathan) and then we will return.  That's the plan.  It's all up to God though.

(Side Note: We have a HUGE home school graduation ceremony here.  Tom has a very active senior class and a beautiful ceremony has been planned.)

Trip Two: My brother and I travel.
Day 1 to ?????) We will most likely get custody of Ben pretty quickly (since his village is rural).  We then paper chase, paper chase, paper chase.  Finally we come to the capital and get all the immigration worked out.  That's the shortened version.  We have NO clue how long this will take.  It could take one week or two and a half weeks.  We just don't know.

Thanks for your continued prayers for a quick appointment date.

It is very possible I will have a very cool God story tomorrow.  I can't share today...because...well, I'm chicken.  Yup, that's the truth.  I feel secure in God, but not always my interpretation.  

I'm going to run and clean our tornado hit house!  I won't even share just how bad my room (the "catch all" is).


  1. YES!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! (can you tell I'm excited??!!) YES!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! YES!!! (phew- falling down in exhaustion!)

  2. It is exciting for me, just to read about your trip plans. :)
    I am praying, praying, and praying for an early trip, and for Ben to be brought home safely and soon.
    God bless you!!!

  3. Thanks! That's a little different from "our" country, where the court date actually happens between the first and second trips and the parents' attorney attends on their behalf. Your two trips could end up being pretty close together, then, right?


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