Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In the Village!!

   (This is Sarah forwarding a message from my mom :))

  "We are in the village, but don't have internet yet.

  We have gone to the "Social Welfare" office and are registered there. The director will be back in town in about an hour and a half. We hope, at that point, we can meet her...and our Benjamin.

  Please pray that God calms Ben's spirit and helps him to "know" us in a way that can't be explained. Please also pray we can get internet to Skype with the kids.

  Our "staying" time for the first trip has been explained and we hope to explain here soon.

  Much love, and thank you for prayers!"


  1. So excited for you, and praying for Benjamin. :)

  2. Zoe and I are sitting at the computer, and I told her Benjamin was meeting his Mama and Daddy today and that he might be scared. She wanted to sing Jesus Loves You to baby Benjamin to make him not scared, and sang and pointed to the picture on the screen for him. So from her 2 year old heart to his, Jesus Loves Benjamin!

  3. Thanks Sarah, totally stalking the blog for news! ;)


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