Friday, April 26, 2013

Flight, Blogging, and Sick

Though I am about two days behind in posts (smile), I should have time to share our journey here during our 20 hour layover in Vienna.  With the Lufthansa strike and a HUGE vacation time here, we needed to be fairly flexible in order to get home.

We leave here around 5-6 pm, sleep in an apartment in the capital, and then fly out at 1:30 tomorrow (two hour flight to our 20 hour

F.Y.I. Prayerfully I'll be able to share soon, but I discovered this morning that I have either a virus or (since I had the first allergy attack in a LONG time last night) severe allergies.  In the last hour it is starting to look like a virus more than anything...bleck!

Appreciate all prayer for health, as well as safety...and of course for all the kids (that includes Ben)

I have so many stories and pictures, now I just need to feel good enough to share it!

Have a blessed night!!!!

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