Monday, April 22, 2013

Coffee, APPOINTMENT, and the Circus

I don't drink coffee really, but today...TODAY coffee is my friend.  If it was a date, I think I'd seriously consider it a relationship that was going somewhere.

I sat up in bed this morning (at least this is what my husband said) and yelled, "OH NO!"  He just about had a heart attack!!

Actually, I finally fell deeply into sleep (think hibernating bear) and woke up not knowing what time it was. Thinking we woke up late for our appointment,  I found I had woken us up an hour early.  (chuckle).

Our apartment is actually really nice to wake up to.  I must admit missing tripping over a Hot Wheels cars parked beside our bed and being woken up in the morning hearing Gabe saying, "MOMMY, I AWAKE!!!"

The outside of our apartment building looked fairly rundown when we drove up.

The street before you turn into our apartment building.

First door is our apartment
The hallway, ummm.....left me wondering what we were walking into. 
Walking into the hallway

Right before our apartment

The inside...

I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Looking at the hall by the front door

Looking at the living room from the hall by the front door
Kitchen Area



We're living the comfortable life here.

Side note: Now if we could throw a few blow up mattresses on the floor (full of children) and be woken up by Tom scream singing, "WAKE UP can'tunderstandthispart PUT ON A LITTLE MAKEUP!"..... we'd be happy.   (F.Y.I. Our oldest is a giant goof and just slightly awesome)

Back to the story....

We received a call on our local cell phone and were told to meet Niko at the corner.  Our appointment wasn't until 12:00, but the other family had an appointment at 11:00.

As we saw Niko and walked over to a beautiful plaza (surrounded by historical looking building and a BEAUTIFUL Church), we were able to meet Michael and Michelle (super sweet by the way) that are adopting also.  Together we formed a small group and walked over to a little bistro to meet our main facilitator.

Our facilitator looked as if a strong European gentleman, a big man with a strong personality  and a strong accent.  He talked with authority and led us through a gamut of information.  It was made clear that if we had any concerns to talk to him. 

Together we walked over to the local government office.  It's all close enough that we were able to stroll across town and enjoy the sites slowly instead of everything whizzing by.

A church right near our appointment

The government office

Michelle and Michael went in first.  We waited inside in a narrow opening, surrounded by mint blue green walls.  It was an older building,  inside an iron staircase with wooden rails. 

We were told the appointments would only last 10-15 minutes.  As time wore on and we approached an hour of waiting for , we knew that something was up.  Michael and Michelle have some big decisions to make.  Can you please pray for guidance and discernment (a clear direction) for their family?  I'm not going to share more, as this is their story, but would appreciate prayers on their behalf.

Our goofiness during a break outside as we waited

My man (during our break)

During the wait we did find out a couple vital pieces of information.  One, Ben is alive (HUGE VERY GOOD SIGH).  Two, they have arranged for us to stay at the same place in the village as the last couple (blessings to us) did.  We are VERY thankful.

As Michael and Michelle exited and went outside, our main facilitator asked for a few minutes to smoke before attempting our appointment.  I wouldn't say we were, at this point, worried.  We knew going in that nothing is predictable.  We have started this journey that only God can finish.  It's all up to him.

Finally our turn came and we followed our facilitator up the flight of stairs. We entered an office with a  desk facing the door and continued to follow him to the right, into another room.  There sitting on the table was a file.  A strong (and, as I told my husband) beautiful woman sat down with us.  They opened the file on the desk and there was a picture.  There was a picture of Ben as a little baby.

They allowed us to switch out the picture for a wallet size current one that we had. 

A couple of questions were shot as us, as is expected and the norm.  "Why do we want to adopt a special needs child?  Why this boy?" Easy, and a questions we've answered on this blog many times.

As she walked out of the room, our facilitator went over the file.  There was very little information,  but it was definitely our Benjamin.  He turned to us at this point and asked a question he has to, but still is a struggle to hear.

"Do you want to look at any other children?" (Asking if we wanted to adopt another child instead of Ben.)

It was an easy answer.  "No"

I think it was about then our facilitator and the woman/lawyer helping us switched places.  She made some calls to verify some things about Benjamin.  At this point, we still aren't sure exactly what she was verifying.

We were then given a red folder with other parents signatures in it and (after skipping many lines) she wrote out our Ben's name, birthdate, and asked us to sign on a following line.

We have officially been referred Ben.

Tomorrow we receive the actual referral paperwork.  Wednesday we head to the village.

I wish I could say it was full of butterflies and fairy wings (ok, so dewinged fairies might not be the proper picture), but I don't want to paint a picture of unrealistic plastic roses.  Every rose has it's thorns (tell me you didn't start singing).

The eight hour time difference doesn't often make a difference, except when you are already sleep deprived and your body is telling you it's 4:00 in the morning.  Except when you know another family has not had things go as planned.  Except when you know that the picture of the little boy hanging around your neck will not be referred to you as well this day.  He has been referred to Heaven...which is a huge celebration. 

I came home a circus of emotion.  Clowns (I hate clowns) and a trapeze artist swinging around in my mind.  Lions roaring and crowds other words, so much going on in my head that it was hard to concentrate.  I sat down and almost fell asleep immediately, as my (sweet awesome caring) husband made some sandwiches for lunch.  He stood by me, plate in hand, and got me to eat something before I shed a couple of tears and crashed (BIG TIME). 

We woke to go to coffee with Michelle and Michael.  The time was spent talking through the events of the day.  Coffee is the only reason I can write this tonight.  Meet my friend coffee.

The day hasn't gone exactly as planned for all of us.  Weeks ago we all would have thought it would have turned out differently, but thankfully, God is greater than what WE think is right.  HE knows what our lives will hold.

We do come into this blog with prayers.  Prayers for Michelle and Michael, but also for ourselves.

We came here on the assumption, with God's miracle, we might be able to do only two trips.  Our regional facilitator talked as if reality was we would need to do three.  She said, "Unless something unexpected and it goes really quick."  Friends, we don't usually pray for the unexpected, but we are asking you to pray now.  We need Benjamin home.  PLEASE pray that things are MIRACULOUSLY (they need to be) quick.  That all government paperwork that we need to proceed goes the speed of light.  That everyone involved is willing and WANTS TO (for whatever reason) work (even a couple days) when vacation starts.  PLEASE beg and petition God to move this government.  We ask ONLY if this is within God's will, but know He listens to our prayers and petitions.  We ask this from the bottom of our hearts. 

(If we stay longer this time, 2-3 weeks, for court...Benjamin will know us better before his life is turned upside down.  Three shorter trips may not allow for that to happen).

Well, it's time to Skype our babies at home. (No Anna, I'm not talking about your lizard.)

May your night be blessed.  Thank you so much for all your prayers.

"Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”  Matthew 17:20b


  1. wow! all I can say is wow! and praying for y'all and for Michael and michelle!!!

  2. Always praying! (((HUGS)))

  3. Love the pictures. What a sweet punkin'! I know you can't wait to meet your new son! Also, the church is beautiful. I love blue! Praying for you always!


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