Saturday, April 20, 2013


Bare with me, I'm attempting to blog with my phone.  We'll see if it works. I can't place pictures where I want them, so....this should be fun.

They want to charge us here in Chicago for they not know that I'm too cheap...ahem....frugal... to pay for it? It's like they don't know me or something (smile).

Our last flight was short and uneventful.

My husband was a huge goof as always.

We are now finally sitting here in Chicago.  Nothing really feels real right now.  I think, not having boarded our international flight, I just have that "short trip" feel.  Not sure why that is since we don't usually take those...laughing.

Yes, I'm tired, so everything is funny.  Yup, I'm THAT girl.

Chicago is a nice airport and it feels good to be sitting at our gate to head to Munich.  It feels really normal (our "normal" is different). 

We are at the same gate that I believe we used in our travel to China (or was it's official, I've lost my.mind).  We also lived in Germany for three years (near Munich), so it's a little like going home.

Anyway....I've babbled enough and the one thumb I type with on my phone is cramping (giggle...sorry, it's the tireds).

Please keep praying friends.  I know you are.  God's blessings are obvious.  HE is so good. Please add to our list of requests a couple small ones if you have a moment. 

My husband hurt his finger a while back and tore the tendon again last night.  Can you please pray for God's complete healing.  As always, we want HIS will above all else.  Also, again...please pray for our bags to make it AND that we make our connecting flight in,Munich.  We only have a 40 min. layover.

Thumb still cramping, must run....or sit, as the case may be.  Thank you for your petitions on our behalf!!!!

I'll leave you with some of pics of our crazy/awesome travels.

(Pictures 1-3 are of Chicago , 4 is goofy Thomas on flight here, 5 is our current gate, and six is our plane coming here.  The pic order will drive me bonkers, but who knows what's loading from the phone.  Excuse the pictures of naked monkeys.)

To Our Kids-  "We love and miss you all so very much.  God has lavished on us such joy through each of you.  Praying for each of you tonight."


  1. Great job on the thumb blog!!:) Hugs!

  2. YAY! I loved every second of the goofiness!


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