Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Video-Our Journey of Loss, Faith, and Redemption

Yesterday, an amazing woman of God/blog friend shared on "The Blessing of Verity" the journey our family has been on.  You'll see her sweet daughter...miracle daughter.... in the video below.

When we started the journey to our son Jonathan, we felt we were supposed to bring our financial need in front of the Church body. We wanted to do more than that though. We wanted to bring THE NEED in front of the Church body.

We wanted the reality of these children to seep into souls. The reality that 80% of children die in the FIRST YEAR of a transfer to a mental institution in Eastern Europe, well...sounds sad...but it also sounds like just a number. I hate statistics much of the time, because it takes out the face of these children of God.

Meet our son.  HE was not a statistic.

He was emaciated. After transfer he was wasted. HE IS OUR SON.

We created another video after Jonathan passed away. It was still created to be placed in a fundraising packet to be sent to Churches or Organizations that requested it, but it was also our heart. If you wish this packet, please ask, but that is not the sole reason for the video. Yes, the funds are needed and we are so thankful for those that walk with us in bringing our son home.

The images are hard, real, and redemptive. The stories are dark, but in the darkness there is hope. God's love shines bright in these precious little souls.

It takes about 13 minutes to watch. In those 13 minutes you will see our lives change. Pain? Yes. Beautiful? Most definitely.

As of creating this, we did not yet realize Benjamin (Jonathan's newest brother) would be joining our family from the same institution. We are praising God through our mourning. We rejoice that are two "Lost Boys" are joining (or have joined) our family.

This video is placed on an unlisted YouTube channel.  You may share it, but the link is the actual key to watch it.  Yes, by posting and allowing others to post it we are making it public.  It is a risk.  I know the ugliness that exists.  What we're afraid of is that these children will remain we fight to raise funds for Ben, we share.

The information on ways you can give are written below the video on YouTube.  More than financially, prayers are our greatest need.  Thank you.

Prayer Requests:
*Please pray that God sustains Benjamin.  Please pray that He prepares his heart and Ben dreams of us...knowing ways that wouldn't make sense to the world.  Please pray he attaches and learns to love quicker than we can fathom.
*Please pray for our children here and Benjamin. Please pray they are COMPLETELY protected from satan's attacks.  Please pray healing on their hearts from the pain of the loss of their brother and that they may grow in faith through this.

*Please pray for comfort as we continue to mourn Jonathan.

*Please pray for the funds to be placed in front of us quickly. 

*PLEASE pray that satan's hands are tied.  He does not want us (or anyone) to enter that village. 

*Please pray that the village gates are “figuratively” thrown down and God’s love floods the streets.

Travel Prayer Requests

*Please pray for us to have a connection with the head of the institution.  Our feelings are raw, but we know that they have limited resources and we pray we can make a difference in the lives of these boys.

*Please pray our children here in the U.S. are protected and safe.  Please pray a wall (cement, barbed wire, of protection around them especially while we are apart.  Please pray for my brother and mom as they care for the kids.

*Please pray the trip is smooth.  There are NO issues.  That every blip, every ironed out before us.

*Please pray BOTH trips are quicker than we fathom...a quickness only God can give.


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  1. I found your family through The Blessing of Verity, and I watched your video.
    Though we are not in the process of adopting, we had committed to "Carmen" on RR and took several steps towards making her our daughter so I love Reece's Rainbow and have followed many families' stories. To my continuing heartbreak, God said it wasn't the right time. I'm praying and hoping that one day it will be our time. For now, I can only help other families to bring home their children. My heart breaks for you and your sweet Jonathan. I pray for your journey to Ben to be smooth and speedy. I donated a bit through your RR family sponsorship account, not much but I hope it helps a little.


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