Friday, March 22, 2013

The Nuts and Bolts...Our Journey Financially

In the deepest part of me, I wish I didn't have to face this aspect of our journey. 

In the normal path to family through adoption, dealing with this aspect is not actually fun, but easier.  We are in mourning.  Our last financial post (that we linked to at the side of the blog), was for Jonathan...who is now with Jesus.  Our adoptive journey for Jonathan is complete.  Jonathan is our 9th child.  We are now on the journey to our tenth blessing...Jonathan's brother Benjamin.

(See "Our Newest Son ~ Announcement" )

We know we need to (and want to) be upfront with expenses and costs.  We KNOW God's provisions are excellent.  He leads and lays out a path before us.  We may not always see it.  It may be covered in a mist and we tread slowly, but it is amazing.

Thomas and I's documents were submitted to Benjamin's (how hard it is to not say "Jonathan's") Eastern European nation on March 7th.  We MAY be approved as early as the end of March.  That is only a little over a week friends.  Our date of travel may be anywhere between early to mid April OR the end of May

The later date we assumed because we were (not positive we are now) planning on requesting a deferment once our date is issued.  We were told this would not be a problem.  This plan was based on four main factors. 

*We are mourning and circling the wagons. 
This has not changed.  The pain comes in waves and our arms physically ache for Jonathan.  We rejoice that he is with Jesus, but our lives have shifted.

*We had not been led to our tenth child and wanted to rest in prayer until we were.
This has changed.  God has led us to Benjamin...our blessing.

*Our oldest son has graduation coming up.  We feared cutting it close.  Our family is still mourning and we don't want to put our other children's needs on a back burner... especially when they are hurting as well.
IF we received an appointment date before April 15th, we feel it would be safe to travel.  This is unlikely and insanely quick.

*Our funds are not in place.
God completely has this.  We follow Him and He provides.

We are now just giving it to God.  If everything falls into place (It is in our Heavenly Father's Hands and not in our control), we follow God to our son sooner.  If God has meant for us to wait a  longer...we ALL know God's timing is perfect.  We know if we wait longer, it is in His plan.

1 1/2 weeks is most likely (updated 4/4/2013)....

So now the nuts and bolts...

We need to raise the funds to bring our son home.  This is not an easy aspect of this journey, putting our need out there, but a necessary one.  Pride has no place...our son is in a mental institution and needs us.

Our needs are approximate.  The beautiful country to which we are headed is unpredictable in time in country.  Some have had short times and some have had long times.  Our approximate need is ?. We MAY be FULLY FUNDED.  We pray we are.  It all depends on what happens IN country.

Any funds raised OVER the amount of our adoption will be used to aid the other "Lost Boys" left behind.

*Reece's Rainbow is now taking personal donations for our family.  The button is at the side of our blog and currently has Jonathan's picture on it. 

*The second way is to donate through the “Donate” button at the side of the blog (or to mail a check to avoid the fees of PayPal).  This goes directly to an account we have set up for this adoption.

* There is a third way to donate to our adoption if you need it.  It is through an adoption agency (and can be done online).  Please contact us if you wish another avenue.

Below are all the fees that are anticipated.  We’ve learned to try to only look at what is directly in front of us. 

Pink= Have been paid and are now not included.
Blue=The rest of the fees will be in purple until they are paid.

Adoption Expenses

*Fees  $1,275 to RR for Commitment,  Voice of Hope Fund, and application fee (Commitment money, $1000, is received back when we travel)-(Self PAID)

*Home Study Fees $2025.00-(Self PAID)

*Passport Picture ($10) and Renewal plus Expediting. Unfortunately we realized that MY passport is due to expire early in 2013.  The passport number changes upon renewal and we need it now to prepare dossier documents  $280.-(PAID)

*Psychological Interview for Home Study (necessary hoops J)~total of $420.00~(PAID)

*Initial Fees to Facilitation Team-$545~ Including the Wire Fee~This will mostly be paid by the third donation of $466-(PAID)
*USCIS (Immigration) Fees-$975 (PAID)
*Marriage Certificates-$73.95 (PAID)

*State Police Clearance $50 ($24.95 per person) (PAID)

*Various Postage $0 left of $200 (PAID)

*Apostille Fees $360~Approximate (To be paid-includes gas for travel to apostilling and courier if necessary

We will pay as much of the below as we can before travel.

*Travel to Europe $5000-$10,000. This is for two adults round trip (times two). 
Thomas and I will take the first trip (up to 2 1/2 weeks).  Thankfully my mom and brother will be staying with the kids. 
The return and final trip will be my brother and I (up to 2 1/2 weeks).  Two trips are required.  The tickets MAY be about $1400 per person for each round trip.  Experience has shown us though that every estimated flight expense we have had in the last five years has been about double what we anticipated (for China AND Ethiopia).  Often this is because travel dates are not our choice, but assigned and are often in key travel seasons.  Example: Jael came home at Christmas and the total was $6,700 more than anticipated (EVERY CENT WORTH IT), as we traveled last minute and there were few seats left, AND it was peak season.  A loved one financially came to our rescue.  I remember sitting in the parking lot of the doctors (when I received the total) and crying….thinking, “How in the world are we going to get to our daughter?” 

*Facilitation Fees $8,500 (Not including initial $500 paid)

*Travel (not airline) $500-$1000 (We believe this will be in the higher range due to Benjamin being in a very rural region)

*Child's Medical Appointment for Visa $110

*Child's Visa Application $230

*Child's Passport and Expedition Fees $600- $1000

*Living in Europe for 5 weeks $3500 (In two trips, we believe this MAY rise due to the area Jonathan is in, but do not know for sure.  We know travel there is higher.)

*Flight for child to America $800

*Recommended Emergency Fund $1000 that can be used for airline to medical needs to....(possibly more if there are medical issues in country)

 Donations Received (already subtracted)
(Donations to our FSP through Reece's Rainbow are reflected by the amount we see our FSP raise.  We KNOW more is given since PayPal fees are subtracted.  We get no notification of the total amount or who gave.  We see it raise just as you do.  Thank you so very much for joining us in this journey.)
Reece's Rainbow FSP Account  $11,640.00

All items below are already subtracted from our overall need.
1.) $100.00 (Received December 3rd)
2.) $65.00 (Received December 19th)
3.) $466.00 (Received December 24th)
4.) $1000.00 (Received December 31st)
5.) $1000.00 (Received December 31st)
6.) $500.00 (Received January 5th)
7.) $500.00 (Received January 16th)
8.) $130.00 (Received January 24th)
9.) $40.00 (Received January 29th)
10.) $200.00 (Received 2/25/13)
11.) $200.00 (Received 2/27/13)
12.) $250.00 (Received 2/28/13)
13.) $75.00 (Received 3/1/13)
14.) $25.00 (Received 3/4/13 at agency)
15.) $200.00 (Received 3/5/13)
16.) $100 (Received 3/5/13 FSP)
17.) $25 (Received 3/7/13) 
18.) $1000 (Received 3/14/2013
19.) $350 (Received notice 3/12/2013)
20.) $300 to FSP (Received 3/12/2013)
21.) $100 (Received 3/12/2013)
22.) $64.40 to FSP (Received 3/17/13)
23.)$26.00 (Received 3/17/1)
24.) $150.00 (Received 3/19/13)
25.) $6.00 to FSP (Received 3/20/13)
26.) $105.00 to FSP (Received 3/20/13)

27.) $40.00 (Received 3/22/2013)
28.) $20.00 (Received 3/23/13)
29.) $100.00 (Received 3/23/13)
30.) $100.00 (Received 3/24/13)
31.) $200.00 (Received 3/25/13)
32.) $14.00 (Received 3/25/13)
33.) $40.00 (Received 3/25/13)
34.) $121.00 to FSP (Received 3/26/13)
35.) $25.00 (Received 3/26/13)
36.) $25.00 (Received 3/26/13)
37.) $10.00 (Received 3/26/13)
38.) $49.00 to FSP (Received 3/26/13)
39.) $19.00 to FSP (Received 3/27/13)
40.) $151.00 to FSP (Received 3/27/13)
41.) $24.00 to FSP (Received 3/28/13)
42.) $300.00 (Received 3/28/13)
43.) $4000.00 (Received 3/29/13)
44.) $48.00 to FSP (Received 3/29/13)
45.) $500.00 (Received 3/30/13)
46.) $200.00 (Received 3/30/13)
47.) $49.00 to FSP (Received 3/30/13)
48.) $10.00 to FSP (Received 3/31/13)
49.) $65.00 (Received 4/1/13)
50.) $4.00 (Received 4/1/13)
51.) $25.00 (Received 4/2/13)
52.) $24.00 (Received 4/3/13)
53.) $100.00 (Received 4/3/13)
54.) $24.00 (Received 4/3/13)
55.) $25.00 (Received 4/3/13)
56.) $50.00 to FSP (Received 4/4/13)
57.) $97.00 to FSP (Received 4/4/13)
58.) $25.00 (Received 4/4/13)
59.) $146.00 to FSP (Received 4/4/13)
60.) $50.00  (Received 4/5/13)
61.) $14.00 to FSP (Received 4/5/13)
62.)  $41.00 (Received 4/5/13)
63.) $105.00 to FSP (Received 4/5/13)
64.) $97.00  to FSP (Received 4/6/13)
65.) $19.00 to FSP (Received 4/6/13)
66.) $49.00 to FSP (Received 4/6/13)
67.) $20.00 (Received 4/6/13)
68.) $39.00 to FSP (Received 4/6/13)
69.) $10.00 (Received 4/7/13)
70.) $10.00 (Received 4/7/13)
71.) $5.00 (Received 4/7/13)
72.) $24.00 to FSP (Received 4/7/13)
73.) $5.00 (Received 4/7/13)
74.) $4.00 (Received 4/7/13)
75.) $19.00 to FSP (Received 4/7/13)
76.) $10.00 (Received (4/7/13)
77.) $34.00 (Received 4/8/13)
78.) $10.00 (Received 4/8/13)
79.) $72.00 (Received 4/8/13)
80.) $25.00 (Received 4/8/13)
81.) $15.00 (Received 4/8/13)
82.) $1000.00 (Received 4/8/13)
83.) $16.00 (Received 4/8/13)
84.) $50.00 (Received 4/8/13)
85.) $100.00 (Received 4/8/13)
86.) $201.00 (Received 4/8/13)
Donation #87 and #88 are pending and with them we believe we MAY be FULLY FUNDED!!!!!  This all depends on what happens in country.  All funds raised over the amount of our adoption will go toward the Lost Boys!

Again, donations to FSP are anonymous and I am not shown the exact amount.  I know you have donated more that PayPal has deducted.  BEYOND thank you....

We still need to raise $0.00 to complete the adoption.  God has miraculously touched peoples hearts to bring us down to this amount.  We thank all of you for joining us in this journey.



1.) Possible dossier approval around the beginning of April?
2.) Possible first trip around mid April. Already lining up family to stay with children.  My brother and my mother are AWESOME!!!
3.) Possible 2nd trip (just me and my brother) right around the end of May.

Prayer Requests:

*Please pray that God sustains Benjamin.  Please pray that He prepares his heart and Ben dreams of us...knowing ways that wouldn't make sense to the world.  Please pray he attaches and learns to love quicker than we can fathom.

*Please pray for comfort as we continue to mourn Jonathan.

*Please pray for the funds to be placed in front of us quickly. 

*PLEASE pray that satan's hands are tied.  He does not want us (or anyone) to enter that village. 

*Please pray that the village gates are “figuratively” thrown down and God’s love floods the streets.

Travel Prayer Requests

*Please pray for us to have a connection with the head of the institution.  Our feelings are raw, but we know that they have limited resources and we pray we can make a difference in the lives of these boys.

*Please pray our children here in the U.S. are protected and safe.  Please pray a wall (cement, barbed wire, of protection around them especially while we are apart.  Please pray for my brother and mom as they care for the kids.

*Please pray the trip is smooth.  There are NO issues.  That every blip, every ironed out before us.

*Please pray BOTH trips are quicker than we fathom...a quickness only God can give.


To those who financially help in our journey to Benjamin and to those who cover us in prayer…thanks doesn’t begin to cover it. 

Thank you as well to those who will stand beside us in this fundraising journey and to those who share our need. 

A video will be placed on our blog on Tuesday of this coming week that chronicles our journey and shares our need.

Every prayer, every dollar….is appreciated.  Thank you.

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