Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Day After~A Thank You

Twenty-four to forty-eight hours after we received the news of Jonathan (the timing is a little blurry), my husband needed to return back to work.  His time off is limited with our future journey unknown.  This was extremely painful for him.  There are many times he is having to stop and take a breath as the reality of Jonathan's loss overtakes him.

The day he returned to work, cards and a box appeared on his desk.

The cards were covered with signatures of his friends and co-workers. 

When you receive a card at your birthday you may think, "Oh that's sweet" or "I really have warped friends."  When you receive a card at a time like this, it is a little bit of a lifeline.  It's a "In one of your most painful times of your life, you are not alone." 

It was SUCH a comfort to know my husband was surrounded by people that care.  If you are one of the kind people at my husband's work.  Thank you....

I might not have the opportunity to tell you personally, but it brought me a comfort I didn't know I needed.  That my husband was surrounded by people that care.

I haven't forgotten the box  found on this desk though.  It's hard to write about, because what it contained means so much.  It's not about "stuff", but about what it represents.

The box contained a "Willow Tree" figurine by Demdaco.  First, I've never sought out figurines, BUT "Willow Tree" figurines are the ones that touch my heart...always have.  They are the figurines that I  own.

Then I opened the box.

Instant tears...

This figurine is called "Child of My Heart".

It will forever represent our son Jonathan in our minds.

Thank you.


  1. Oh Kat! How very thoughtful of them! I like those figurines also and now that one will always make me think of Jonathan too!

  2. Instant tears here also Dear Niece. You know how much I LOVE YOU and YOUR Beautiful Family. I'm sorry you didn't receive the e-card I emailed to you. I'll fix the mistakes I caught after sending it:) With a shaky brain and stuttering fingers, I tend to make a lot of mistakes :( The LORD put the wording in my head though so all I had to do was write in down. AWESOME GOD! While you all thru a families worst nightmare, GOD is carring you too as HE does me. Aunt B

  3. I am so sorry you lost Jonathan. I do know that there is a reason for it, even if we won't find out on this Earth.


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