Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rockin' the Headphones and Ligaments

I don't think we stopped this weekend.  We spent both Saturday and Sunday recording, editing, recording again...and utilizing just about every movie creation thingy mabob (Kat dictionary) that you can think of.  I am NOT experienced in this.  The kids were awesome though.  I gotta say, they look cute with the headphones and mic on.   

Sarah was reciting Shakespeare to her tiger slipper after I yelled, "Take 1,000,000!"

The movie made the point we wanted to.   It touched on fund raising, but also put the spot light on the Lost Boys.  If you want a copy of the DVD to pass on, please let us know at everlasting_momentum@verizon.net.  We poured our heart into it and we want it to reflect God above ALL else.

Now I'm off to give our daughter Anna a little Motrin.  She hyperextended a ligament in her thumb yesterday (possible small fracture or inner ligament tear...but can't tell in x-ray due to swelling).  She is our rough and tumble nature girl! YES!!! :)

Just ignore the mini flash mob at our teaching co-op (it was pajama day btw)...I have to run!

There MAY be three of our oldest kids in there...maybe.

Thank you for your continued prayers!!!

Prayer Requests:
*For Jonathan to be sustained and for any health to be protected. That a caregiver sees his value. That he has dreams of us and is ready for us in a way that cannot be explained by this world. That he attaches quicker than anyone would deem normal for the situation he has been in.
*For funds to be raised and complete quickly....for Churches and organizations to stand with us.
*For the dossier to have NO issues and to be submitted this Thursday.
*For protection over our children, entire family, and EVERY person involved in this journey (here and in Eastern Europe) . That satan's hands be tied.

Specific Prayer Requests
*That our two trips have a quickness not yet anticipated. That the "bumps" are smoothed over. That we easily and quickly receive the referral and have court.
*That we have a connection with the caregivers and head of the institution. That doors are opened and we (and others) may be able to help however they allow.
*That we are able to make Jonathan comfortable and that he does not refuse to eat/drink or struggle with refeeding syndrome.
*That we may see the laying room and have pictures of where our precious boy resided.
*That each of our children remaining home may be protected, safe physically and spiritually while we are apart.
*That we are allowed to take new pictures of the waiting Lost Boys and that new boys may be listed.

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