Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jonathan Sasha Thomas

For those of you who have asked or wondered, Jonathan's full name is...

All of our children have a Biblical name, a family name, and a cultural name.

Jonathan (Biblical)- His name since we saw his picture only advocating for him.  Never before had we advocated and not been able to remember a name.....until we realized that was because his name was Jonathan.  We never forgot the name Sasha after that, but we knew the name he was meant to have.

Sasha (Cultural)-His name representing his birth country.

Thomas (Family Name)-Our oldest son is named after his father.  We were military and mommy insisted.  Our Jonathan is named after our oldest son.  His father and I have seen such passion in Tom, such love for his newest brother in Heaven.  We couldn't thank of anything more appropriate then naming one beautiful son after another man of God and son.

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