Saturday, March 30, 2013


If you've given and haven't received and email from us, please check your SPAM box.  We are BLOWN AWAY by your generosity.

This journey is full of so many unknowns and has thrown us in directions that we would not have chosen, but are growing through.  We are thankful to God for our ninth son, Jonathan, being with Him.  Our wish for all our children is for them to be encompassed in Jesus' Arms.  He just made it there before us. 

As we progressed, we didn't know if the funds would continue to come in.  As we committed to bringing Ben home, our tenth blessing, funds still continued to come in.  Friends and strangers joined us on this journey.  We feel like we are facing battle with so many standing beside us.  We are not alone.

Around three weeks ago, we announced to the world that we needed around $14,700.00.

As of today we need $4,139.00.

Do you notice a one is dropped.  God has provided over $10,000 through some wonderful people.

We only need $4,139.00 to be fully funded?  That figure is amazing to me.

Yes, we still have a need, but God has got this. 

It's intimidating and wearying at times, but I feel carried.  I feel carried by God and held up by those He's surrounded me with.  We are grateful.

We are grateful to God for His comfort and provision.

We are grateful to you for caring about a little nine year old boy that has been alone for so long.

We are grateful to you for helping bring him home.

Thank you...


P.S. For those who have given to our account on Reece's Rainbow, I wish I could at least email you a thank you, but we are not told who gave.  Every bit of this thank you applies to you as well.


  1. Praise God!! I love how He is making a way. Amazing.

  2. I, too, am blown away! Only God!


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