Thursday, March 28, 2013

An Invitation

Julia spent time with me, sharing about "The Lost Boys" and the journey we would be taking to Jonathan.

Julia stayed on the phone with me, while I cried...we cried, the day we found out that Jonathan died.

She has freely shared what we might expect.

She has celebrated with us a we stepped forward toward Benjamin ("A____" on Reece's Rainbow).

She has now done it again.

When her life requires SO much now....

When one of her blessings, Aaron, just had surgery and still has many days of recovery ahead....

When her plate is full...

...she still listened to God speak to her.

She obeyed.

Introducing...Mulligan Stew...

Grab This!
She has thrown over $5000 of prizes into the stew pot.  It's simmering and just now ready. 

She's also invited us (and some beautiful friends of ours and hers) to dinner.  What do I love?  She's also invited all the Lost Boys.

She raising funds for us to bring our Ben home, as well as for many other families that God knit together.  She's raising funds for children who are waiting for families to step forward....and she's raising funds for the boys at the institution where Jonathan died and that Ben lives.

Julia, we feel honored to sit at your table. 

Thank you for even inviting us. 

The table is set, come have a chat....

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