Wednesday, March 6, 2013




 Today I was going like mad.  Cleaning, running errands, friend visited (MAN, it was good seeing her!), and another sweet servant paid us a visit (a story for another time). 

Oh, and I learned an important lesson.  Do not write a list on your palm in permanent blue marker and then go to bed....and fall asleep with your head in your hands.  Just.don'

So, back to right now.  Thursday our dossier MAY be submitted to the country of Jonathan's birth!!!!  I just realized this seconds ago and my heart started beating 100 miles an hour!!!! 

Please pray friends! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


  1. YES!!!..............YES!!!! Joyfully, gleefully PRAYING!! Thank You Father!!

  2. Weird but true: bug spray (like Off) will take permanent marker off skin - and other things too! Hope that helps!


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