Saturday, February 2, 2013

YES!!! ........Noooooo!!!!!!! (Head on Desk)

Yesterday we made our first of two treks to the state capital to apostille ALMOST all the documents we need for our foreign paperwork (for Jonathan).  Seven hours of driving ( 3 1/2 each way) and I'm a little loopy. We ditched making it a field trip (this time) and just made it a quick trip. 

My mom joined us (as well as all the kids....except our oldest
and my husband who is a big kid at heart).
Sarah, the goof, made faces in all the pics (laughing). 
That folder (recognize it?) contains  all our work of the day.

Everything has already been shipped to a kind soul willing to carry our paperwork to Eastern Europe and hand it over to our facilitators.  Shout out to Julie!


I probably shouldn't mention that I was thankful, during the trip, that I decided to put our triplets in pull-ups.  One child got sick and...lets just say it was EVERYWHERE....quite impressive actually.  Thankfully my mom and oldest daughter (Sarah/16) went with us.

 I felt a little like a surgeon...holding my hand out.... 
"Wet wipes"
"This is more than I's everywhere."
"Bigger bag"
"I can't believe it."
"More wet wipes"
"I think I got it all"

I probably shouldn't mention it though.  (This is all an illusion)

Last night a middle blessing crawled into bed with us burning with fever and all the signs of Strep. Today we set a record for the most kids sick at one time.  We now have five with positive Strep tests (that only ties us with our previous record).  We also have a teen that the doctor says has Strep (has ALL the signs), but we just tested too early for a positive test.  THAT trumped our previous record.  We have SIX kids sick with Strep...all scattered throughout the living room.

Assembly Line Style


(head on desk)

My Happy Thought of the Day: We just received our fingerprint appointments from USCIS (immigration)!  We appreciate prayers that they are willing to fingerprint us when we show up a tad two weeks.  Jonathan needs us now and we want to get to him as soon as possible.


  1. Those cannot be the same kids in the second picture as were the ones in the top. Poor things. They look absolutely miserable. Don't let 'em kiss and lick and cough on you, okay?

    Wonderful news on the paperwork part! Yay!

  2. Your momma is beautiful! I have stroller envy. I was going to get the 6 seater till Tom said we'll never get it in the van- LOL!! Seriously that is one amazing stroller! :o)
    We are praying-praying-praying! That darn satan, he just ruins everything doesn't he! :o(


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