Monday, February 4, 2013

Unaltered Truth...Weird

So, when I discovered EVERYONE (okay, practically everyone) was getting sick I RAN to the grocery store.  This was my basic list.

Sierra Mist (generic)
Green Tea (mixing packets)
Saltines (generic)
Chicken Noodle Soup (generic canned)
Top Ramen
Frozen Meals (for the sleep deprived, too tired to cook, mommy...I think I actually wrote that on my list)

Unfortunately, I decided to brave a new frozen meal for myself.  It looked pretty good in my sleepy state. 

But you see, I'm weird.  My heart starts beating on the opposite side of the body than a normal person.  Aspirin, as a child (before we knew what it did to children), made me hyper.  Caffeine used to make me sleepy (until very recently).  Weird...

I also can eat NO salsa from jars.  It makes my insides feel inflamed, swollen, and painful...beautiful picture, isn't it?  I am now a fresh salsa girl. We figure it's some kind of preservative (or a specific combination), but I haven't stumbled across the reaction in anything else...until last night.

What ever preservative I'm allergic to, they had HEAPED into this new (yummy) frozen meal.  I was sick and in pain all night.  My insides feel like they have been put through a blender that has been set on fire.


We still are a house filled with fevers.  The littles look like someone gave them caffeine (let me tell you, it DOESN'T make them sleepy) and are acting happy (now only having minor signs of Strep). The middles and our oldest still are not top notch yet.

My husband actually went to work this morning.  I'm expecting them to kick his rear back to the house soon (with his fever riddled body). 

I have no idea how SEVEN of my family caught Strep all at the same time.

My kids had some..uhhh...interesting theories.

(The views and opinions expressed below are solely those of the original speakers.  These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of the author of this post.)
*Something to with eating frogs (cocking head to the side, shrugging)
*Baby piggies sneaking into our house with a vial of strep and sprinkling one drop on each item of our food supply.   It only gave Strep to the normal people (Sarah, Jael, and I don't have it).  They then escaped and were eaten by giant wolves.  (Kat: That theory doesn't hold water though.  Not ONE family member is normal).

I think we still have some Strep addled brains.

Well my friends, I'm going to go take my allergy ridden body and get the kids some food. 

The natives are restless and I'm not going to last much longer.

May you have a day lacking in Strep and lacking in the feeling of your insides being put in a blender that is set on fire....

(Now that's a conversation closer!)


  1. Sounds like MSG reaction. When I accidentally ingest it, I can feel my pulse from head to toe, makes me nauseous, and jittery. Praying for healing for you all:)

  2. The only time we ever had that many with strep was after we returned home (driving with a van full) from Tyler TX with our newest bundle, 2 month old Faith! 2001!! You haven't even gone anywhere!! LOL!! I swear this has been the worst winter of sickness in our family. Right now I am wearing a garlic necklace to ward off any un-seen germs! (wink*)Great Grandma said garlic killed germs- she ate hers raw and carried it in her apron pocket! Those silly Scots!
    And get well soon! That's an order!

  3. Don't you wish moms could take a sick day every now and then?


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