Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dossier in Country~Timeline and Prayers

If you are new in following our blog, you can read the beginning of our Journey to Jonathan HERE.

I just received a confirmation that our dossier has been delivered to our son's Eastern European nation.  This means things are definitely accelerating.

At this point the remainder of our dossier will be checked for errors and translated. (Praying for No Errors)

The general thought is it will be submitted next week for approval the country (Possibly February 7th?).

 Approval "usually" takes about four weeks (Possibly approved around April 4th).

At that point we receive an appointment USUALLY 2-3 weeks later (Possibly the day we leave between April 18th to April 25th for the first trip).  My brother and mother will be staying with the children.  The earliest date is only seven weeks away....SEVEN WEEKS.

(Pinch me, I'm unconscious on the floor.  Didn't work, pinch harder.)


As you know, we still have $14,456.00 left to raise.  We are creating a DVD and letter to send to Churches or organizations.  We are only sending them where friends request the packet and want to "walk it in".  Please email us (at the side of the blog) if you would like the packet when it's completed (prayerfully by the end of this weekend).  You can read about our financial journey HERE.

I'm a little slow and truthfully, feel a little scattered right now, yet reminding myself God HAS this!!!

As we step forward, the need for prayer cover increases.  We ask that you keep us in your prayers.  We are in battle for our little boy.  The master of lies does not want his release.  Think about what HIS redemption can do (not through us, THROUGH GOD).

Prayer Requests:
*For Jonathan to be sustained and for any health to be protected.  That a caregiver sees his value.  That he has dreams of us and is ready for us in a way that cannot be explained by this world.  That he attaches quicker than anyone would deem normal for the situation he has been in. 
*For funds to be raised and complete quickly.
*For the dossier to have NO issues.
*For protection over our children, entire family, and EVERY person involved in this journey (here and in Eastern Europe) .  That satan's hands be tied. 

Specific Prayer Requests
*That our two trips have a quickness not yet anticipated.  That the "bumps" are smoothed over.  That we easily and quickly receive the referral and have court.
*That we have a connection with the caregivers and head of the institution.  That doors are opened and we (and others) may be able to help however they allow.
*That we are able to make Jonathan comfortable and that he does not refuse to eat/drink or struggle with refeeding syndrome.
*That we may see the laying room and have pictures of where our precious boy resided.
*That each of our children remaining home may be protected, safe physically and spiritually while we are apart.
*That we are allowed to take new pictures of the waiting Lost Boys and that new boys may be listed.

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