Thursday, February 7, 2013

BLECK, Remiss, and A Couple Prayers (Journey to Jonathan)

I'm sitting here as STILL as I can.  Seven with Strep and I get a stomach virus.  I had to be different, didn't I?

This week is a little of a blur.  I've been surprised to see people still checking in on here, even when I'm not posting.  Seriously blog friends, thanks....

We've had a house full of germs and are a little surprised no ones posted a quarantined sign on our front door.  We have NEVER had so many sick.  Everyone is on the mend, (said in a cough).  

I've tried to use this time to organize my thoughts and start our journey to have Jonathan's adoption funded.  I feel remiss in not sharing where we are at on here.

It will take a village...that has been clear from the start. 

We are sending out (to start with) just a few letters for friends to take to their elders at Church .  We hope to speak to Churches that are close (within a couple of hours), share our need, and bring awareness to other children waiting.  We also pray we can put together  a DVD and fundraising letter to those who live farther away and would like to bring this to their Churches.

This is not my comfort zone. Truthfully, there's this childlike fear of rejection...rejection of our need, rejection of Jonathan.  We KNOW God has this, but my humanness (probably exacerbated because I'm tired) is showing a little to much "skin" right now.  I feel a little exposed. 

So I decide to write about it on our blog (laughing).  It makes sense in my crazy mind.  You feel "exposed", you write about it.

Actually, it does make sense....because I'm requesting prayer.    You see, satan has attacked MUCH more than I've insinuated here, BUT once I requested much protection has surrounded us.

There are two situations I had just realized I had not specifically (on this blog) requested prayer for.

One is our SPECIFIC efforts to raise funds.  We've requested more general, but this is very specific.

*We ask for blessing on the letters and emails we send out (our initial contact with those going to their Churches).  We ask for prayer that Churches are responsive. We pray that they are more than willing to have us speak.  We pray that they give from their hearts out of love for Jonathan, and that they truly "see" the other children we are advocating for.  We pray for families step forward for the children that are waiting.  Finally, that we are fully funded quickly (though we still hope to speak, just not to fund raise for our adoption at that point).

Two is coming up very quickly as well.  Whether sick or not, we are hoping to go to Immigration for our fingerprints BEFORE our fingerprint appointment date....sometimes this works and sometimes it does not.  We want to expedite Jonathan's adoption as much as we can.  He is alone and needs his mom and dad.  The caregivers often do what they can with limited funds and not enough hands, but he needs specialized care that doctors can give here.  He needs our love and our arms. 

*We ask for prayer that we enter the building and immediately talk to a person (employee) whose heart is touched and will direct us to those that will let us be fingerprinted.  We pray that it is not busy during the time we go.  We also pray that we are able to go early, our fingerprints "work", and are accepted.

Thank you friends for joining us in prayer.  My heart is feeling a little raw and exposed.  The rest of the prayer requests are below.  We'll keep you updated on the above requests. 

PLEASE PRAY FOR (covering entire adoption)....

*PLEASE PRAY satan's HANDS ARE TIED during this adoption and after we arrive home.

*Jonathan to be sustained, COMPLETELY protected, that God prepares his heart beyond what would make sense (because of his neglect). Also, for the head of the institution and for the caretakers to KNOW God's love and HIS value of these children.
*For EVERY aspect of this adoption to be protected. Please pray continued protection on ALL involved...every single person or organization that has anything to do with this adoption.
*Please pray for our family and the past the attacks on their sweet spirits happen especially during these processes.
*Please pray the remainder of the funds come in quickly.

THIS WEEK (specific to now)...

*Please pray the last medical form is done quickly and acceptable. I am picking up the final one this week.

*Please pray that the remainder of the dossier is done quickly and correctly.
*Please pray they allow us to get our fingerprints early (the first time) and the Immigration Approval comes in with speed we cannot fathom.

*Please pray as the initial contacts for fundraising (letters and emails) go out. Please pray blessing on them, that Churches open their hearts to us and allow us to come speak.  Please pray people's hearts are touched and they give from their hearts.  Please pray eyes are opened and families step forward for the children we are advocating for during fundraising (speaking to Churches).  Please pray for guidance as we do this.

*Please pray for my balance, as a mom, as we start home school, start focusing on our oldest's upcoming graduation, and are doing paperwork and fundraising for the adoption. Please pray that I have patience and balance life successfully for all our little blessings (here and internationally), as well as for my husband.
*Please pray I have patience (and we all feel God's peace).
*Please pray for my husband's professional life. That he reflects God in all he does.
*Please also pray that satan's strongholds on our lives are shattered.

*Please pray for health for our family

“I will go before you
and will level the mountains;
I will break down gates of bronze
and cut through bars of iron.
I will give you hidden treasures,
riches stored in secret places,
so that you may know that I am the Lord,
the God of Israel, who summons you by name.” Isaiah 45:2-3


  1. I know you don't know me, but I'm on the adoption journey too. I want to know that I will be praying for your family and Jonathan.


  2. I am praying for your family's health right now, and for these requests.
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi, I've been reading your blog for awhile now and just wanted to post a note of encouragement. I've prayed for Sasha and all the lost boys and donated to their funds. I am so happy you are rescuing Sasha and hope you might catch a glimpse of the other boys on RR when you travel. You are most likely aware of Julia's blog in which she posts often about the boys with Sasha (her son Aaron was adopted from there too) but I'm attaching the link just in case.
    Many blessings to your family!!!

    Sue - Wisconsin - mom of 4


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