Sunday, January 6, 2013


This morning my husband and I head to the doctor for our physicals.  These are necessary to complete our home study. 

If you saw yesterdays post, I don't particularly like physicals (even when we are not adopting)...add the pressure of a home study and my blood pressure is guaranteed to be up (ARGGG!!!).

Can you please cover both of us today (especially this morning) friends?

Please pray ALL medical tests for my husband and I have wonderful results. Please pray the doctors happily, willingly, and correctly provide the necessary paperwork for both the home study and the dossier.  PLEASE also pray specifically for my blood pressure, as it is always high when I go to the doctor (the nerves making it so) and it's been a stressful last seven days. Can you please pray my blood pressure is normal? 

Thank you again friends! Your prayers are a blessing!

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  1. Just prayed through your post. God is faithful! Would you pray that our adoption goes smoothly from here? We are waiting on a court date for an older ET child.


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