Monday, January 28, 2013

Randomness...Today and Adoption and......Tripping?

Wow, just wow....

Super Mom has left the building (okay, truthfully she never was here)....just the cape the kids gave me.  Other friends call me Super Mom, but I think they took too much NyQuil (wink).

Side Note: I don't cover my face with my cape and run around sneaking up on the kids and saying, "I am....Batman."   Really, I don't...

Today, today one of my littles truly acted three.  Not the most lovable sweet version of three either.  Sigh...

I am EXHAUSTED.  It was all directed at me...ALL.DAY.LONG.

This is rare form around here.  Of course, it was when we spent the day with some awesome families.  I'm sure no one believes me that this is not the norm (smile). 

I handed said child to daddy when he arrived home from work.  It was one of those "it's your turn" days.

Did I mention I tripped in front of people THREE TIMES TODAY.  Yup, it was THAT day.

Got fingerprints done though (state level, not USCIS). 

At the Fingerprinting Office

We will be driving to the State Capital soon to apostille a bunch of documents (as the emails from the courier service seemed kind of hinky~info they sent kept on changing).  We will add a side trip to the capital (across the street) for home school purposes.  Road trip anyone?!  I need a grown up with me to keep me in line!!!

Everything is now in process for the dossier.  We even received our USCIS (immigration) number (by text).  Everything for Jonathan is on the move.

We had our first hiccup though.  We received our medicals for the dossier back today and one had a mistake.  I HATE to point it out, because I have the BEST DOCTOR EVER.  Everything else was good though.  I have to admit, after a LONGGGGGG day, I didn't handle it exactly like I would have preferred...pfftttt.

Now, I crave chocolate and sleep...not sure in which order.

Tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow is a new day.

I must admit.  Seeing the following made me feel a little better.

PLEASE PRAY FOR (covering entire adoption)....

*PLEASE PRAY satan's HANDS ARE TIED during this adoption and after we arrive home.

*Jonathan to be sustained, COMPLETELY protected, that God prepares his heart beyond what would make sense (because of his neglect). Also, for the head of the institution and for the caretakers to KNOW God's love and HIS value of these children.
*For EVERY aspect of this adoption to be protected. Please pray continued protection on ALL involved...every single person or organization that has anything to do with this adoption.
*Please pray for our family and the past the attacks on their sweet spirits happen especially during these processes.
*Please pray the remainder of the funds come in quickly.

THIS WEEK (specific to now)...
*Please pray the last medical form is done quickly and acceptable. 

*Please pray the our employment letter and fingerprinting (and subsequent approval) for the dossier is done quickly and correctly.
*Please pray the first set of apostilled documents are done correctly and quickly in our hands.
*Please pray the dossier paperwork (and there is A LOT) is done correctly and QUICKLY.
*Please pray the Immigration Approval comes in with speed we cannot fathom.

*Please pray for my balance, as a mom, as we start home school, start focusing on our oldest's upcoming graduation, and are doing paperwork and fundraising for the adoption. Please pray that I have patience and balance life successfully for all our little blessings (here and internationally), as well as for my husband.
*Please pray I have patience (and we all feel God's peace).
*Please pray for my husband's professional life. That he reflects God in all he does.
*Please also pray that satan's strongholds on our lives are shattered.

“I will go before you
and will level the mountains;
I will break down gates of bronze
and cut through bars of iron.
I will give you hidden treasures,
riches stored in secret places,
so that you may know that I am the Lord,
the God of Israel, who summons you by name.” Isaiah 45:2-3

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