Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Many think Pro-Life is a stance that only involves children in the womb, but it is so much bigger, so much greater.  It is not just about abortion, but life.

What Pro-Life means to me....

Pro-Life is the eternal value...blessing of every child and every person walking this earth, young and old.  They have value as God's creation.

It is the value of a child born without arms or legs and the lessons they teach us on strength. 

It is the value of a child born with a disease that will shorten their life, but teaches us that love, no matter how brief we hold it, is a gift. 

Pro-Life is the value of a child (or adult) that may never talk or walk, but teaches us compassion and to give love with out selfish ambition. 

It is the value of a child that lives eight hours after birth, that teaches us that every moment is to be cherished.

It is the value of the elderly that may no longer be able to help themselves.  The wisdom, in years, often they can share is priceless.  Their lives are storybooks and can teach us mercy like few other things can.

And yes, the value of life is in the womb.  Where death (most consider) is when the heart stops, but many don't see the heart beating as a step in the beginning of life.....where DNA is the same in the womb as it will be when we die.   Yes, the value of life begins with God's Hand forming us.

All these things are life.  Yes, I celebrate life.  It may be hard, we may wonder how we can make it or afford it, but that's when we are just leaning on ourselves. 

With God LIFE is possible.  Some may manipulate life, but God is the ONLY Creator. 

Let us honor ALL life as a gift from God.


Today is the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.  If you would like to read my previous thoughts, you can look to the following links. 
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I also have been "chewing on" the following post. 

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Please understand that those saying Martin Luther King Jr. received an the Margaret Sanger Award in 1966 (Planned Parenthood) are telling the truth, BUT that in 1966 Planned Parenthood was publicly AGAINST abortion.

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