Friday, January 11, 2013


I had a blog post written in my mind.  It was light and made me chuckle.

That was until I had a dream.

Last night I looked at our little boy.  I pulled him into my arms, to my chest.  I wrapped my arms around his little awkward limbs.  I can still feel Jonathan in my arms.

I pray I don't forget this dream until he really is in my arms....the feel of our son.

I firmly believe God gave me that dream as a gift.

Discouragement surrounded me yesterday.  I was tired, and (truthfully) I didn't know I was getting the flu.  I begged my Heavenly Father for something good...anything good...a reminder.  By the time I had gone to bed I had forgotten that prayer.

God still answered.

I can still feel Jonathan.


Today I received some news that I want to share with all of you. 

God listened to your prayers.  The psychiatrist gave our children a glowing review and....


Thank you Lord. 

Jonathan, our precious gift, our little son...we are coming.

PLEASE PRAY FOR (covering entire adoption)....
*PLEASE PRAY satan's HANDS ARE TIED during this adoption and after we arrive home.
*Jonathan to be sustained, COMPLETELY protected, that God prepares his heart beyond what would make sense (because of his neglect) for his family and to understand love. Also, for the head of the institution and for the caretakers to KNOW God's love and HIS value of these children.
*For EVERY aspect of this adoption to be protected. Please pray continued protection on ALL involved...every single person or organization that has anything to do with this adoption.
*Please pray for our family and the past the attacks on their sweet spirits happen especially during these processes.
*Please pray the remainder of the funds come in quickly.
THIS WEEK (specific to now)...
*Please pray the doctors forms are correctly done and the tests results are very good.
* Please pray that the paper version home study comes together quickly. Also, please pray that everything that needs to be in the home study for us to bring Jonathan home is there. This is not about our social worker at all (she's WONDERFUL), but Jonathan and his health (what we are approved to adopt matches what he medically has happening).
*Please pray the our employment letter and fingerprinting (and subsequent approval) for the dossier is done quickly and correctly.
*Please pray the first set of apostilled documents are done correctly and quickly in our hands.
*Please pray for my balance, as a mom, as we start home school, start focusing on our oldest's upcoming graduation, and are doing paperwork and fundraising for the adoption. Please pray that I have patience and balance life successfully for all our little blessings (here and internationally), as well as for my husband.
*Please pray I have patience (and we all feel God's peace).
*Please pray for my husband's professional life. That he reflects God in all he does.
*Please also pray that satan's strongholds on our lives are shattered.

"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes." Ephesians 6:10

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  1. Praise. The. Lord!
    Praying that He is also whispering in Jonathan's ear that you're coming.


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