Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Dossier Headbanz Brain Mush

As we made homemade chili...(let me tell you, the spicy burned holes)...

As the kids (ALL OF THEM) hung on last night until midnight...

Pretending to Play Go Fish

Head Banz

I tried to think of something profound to write today. 

Nope, it just isn't happening.  Please pretend this blog post is extraordinarily moving...profound.  Yes, insert those hefty thoughts that MAY be swimming around somewhere in your mind (where they escaped mine).

Today my brain melted.

Today I took a deep breath and hit our dossier paperwork hard. I got everything organized and my mind is officially mush.

Yes, those are manila envelopes...with folders, blue pens, a picture of Jonathan (explaining), directions for the enclosed paperwork, AND a CD with the forms on it so it is easier to put onto their letterhead.  Yup, we may have done this before.

Step One: Let them know your child.  Let them see your child.
Step Two: Give them very clear directions.
Step Three: Print out the forms
Step Four: Give them the color of pen they HAVE to sign with.
Step Five: Give them a CD with the forms on it to make it easier to print on their letterhead.


Yup, we've done this a few times.

Dossier Paperwork = Brain Mush

You have now entered my life.

Hi, my name is Kat (I think)....


  1. he he he....oh yes adoption paperwork- kills more trees than most anything else! ;)

    Praying your new year brings home your sweetie!!!!!

  2. (((hug))) Labor of Love. Just looking at those envelopes makes me tremble. So very proud of you! Way to tame the tiger!!

  3. I've seen that little sweetie on Reece's Rainbow! I hope everything goes swiftly for you all!


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