Friday, January 25, 2013

Mini (Though Important) Prayer Request

We have two sets of major papers that MAY be done today.  These are the two sets that could easily have a blooper.

#1-Our Medicals for the Dossier~Mine are done (though I haven't seen them yet), but there has been some confusion (just not understanding) with my husbands.  Our doctors are FANTASTIC, but yesterday I realized that they did not understand what we were requesting with the medical license.  We need a COPY of the license with a "True and Correct Copy" form notarized on back.  It also needs to be done in blue ink.  There are just so many details.

Can you please pray for understanding on their part?  Can you also please pray all the forms are done correctly the first time?  These doctors are going out of their way to help us.

#2-Employment Letter-My husband's employment letter should be done very soon.  It is not the typical employment letter.  In all our adoptions, this is an unusual one.  We not only need his yearly income, how long he's been employed, and the company info on letterhead (notary in blue ink), but we also need to have the EXACT amount (to the day of notary) of pay for the last six months.  My husband's company has helped us bring five blessings home.  Jonathan will be the sixth.  Though we maxed out our adoption grants (through the company) at two children, many companies don't have grants at all.  They have supported and done paperwork for us MANY times. 

Can you please pray that this letter is done correctly the first time as well?

I appreciate the prayers.  We hope to drive quite a few hours and get apostilling done early next week.  Though we will have to do this twice, we will use a courier next time.  The more paperwork we have this time, the cheaper in the long run it will be.

Again, thanks friends....

We ask for prayers for the details, because satan wants Jonathan to remain exactly where he is.  We want to fight for Jonathan with everything we have.  God's got this!!!!

Update: Employment Letter is good and we should get our hard copies Monday!

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