Friday, January 4, 2013

Let the Breaking Begin!!!

Most of you that have or are deep into the adoption process know the "ol' standby" that the master of lies likes to pull to convince you that you cannot succeed in this process. 

You cannot afford it.

Breaking items seems to be one of his favorite things

I am not singing a song from "The Sound of Music"...okay, I am.


Cellphones a dying and printers a croakin'
Holes in the roof and vacuums a smokin'
Now that your cellphone, will no longer ringgggg...
These are a few of my favorite thingssss!!!!!


Things break in every day life...they just do.  Weird things happen in every day life...they just do.

BUTTTTTTT..........(No, I am not calling you names)

When you start an adoption it accelerates to 80 mph in 3.5 seconds and happens ALL AT ONCE.

For example, in Jael's adoption (likened by a friend to a soap opera)...
*We had a fire that gutted our personal closet, destroyed our photo albums and clothes, and caused fire damage throughout the house.
*Lost our fridge.  It died.
*Had our washing machine die.
*Had the ring knocked our of my wedding ring.
*The computer monitor died
*Had a toilet break
*Had termites
*Had a roof problem
*Had our van broken into (has never happened in the life of our marriage)
*The foundation exploded....(very literally and in a way even our contractor had never heard of)
*Etc. etc. etc. (very literally, I am tired of listing things)

It started again the second we started praying about pursuing this adoption.  Adoption is redemptive and someone just doesn't like that...hmmm....I wonder who?

You may have guessed what has broken from the song above.  This morning it was my cell phone.  It doesn't turn on and NOTHING that normally works is working.   Is it bad that I said a little prayer that I could get it to boot up just one more time and get my dates, pictures, and numbers off of it...and I was so happy when God answered. 

We have never had ONE time of following GOD in adoption where the breakage didn't happen. 

Truthfully, if it means our son is coming home....


(Okay, so prayers would be appreciated that our baby comes home and the breaking stops...laughing)


  1. I would like to moan and wail with you, but instead I'm reduced to helpless laughter. It's just so typical!

  2. Will you be mad if I say, "I've been wondering when it would begin?" Really, I remember all those things from Jael's adoption and it has crossed my mind. Breakage generally means something needs to be repaired which requires money or time, or it's just really inconvenient. I like your spirit though! Love you. Praying for the gates that hold Jonathan captive will BREAK!!!

  3. AS I read your blog I realize why God chose you to go. He needs another voice for the Lost Boys. I'm glad we are partners together in your quest to get to Sasha and my quest to find more families and get more boys listed and see God break down the gates at that institute!! Hang in there as you repair the broken pieces at your house.... He's got you in training to bring healing to a whole host of Lost Boys.


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