Thursday, January 3, 2013

God is Faithful~One More Step Taken

We have raised funds to bring home four children in the last three years. I want everyone to understand and be very clear.


That clear?

I'll make it clearer.



Will you have to remind me of this somewhere down the line?  Ya, probably.  Humanness has been kicking my rear lately.

On Sunday, December 30th I published this post.

"Finances and Our Adoption...The Need for Help"

I had it written for awhile, but felt I couldn't get it right.

Within 24 hours of publishing it (though I didn't know it at the time) God provided every cent for our immanent adoption related needs (for the next 4-6 weeks).  One donation I haven't noted on our financial blog post or the "total donated" because it is on it's way to us (and I write them on the blog post by "date received").

Thank you to TWO very dear friends and their families.  Again, I will not share names, because I know that they probably would not wish that. 

One friend I have known for years (from a previous place of worship), and has ALWAYS encouraged me...ALWAYS.  Sometimes the journey is hard and she has written note after note of encouragement.  I'm not sure she realizes the blessing she has given us in just the encouragement, let alone the gift to bring Jonathan home.

The second donation was from a very dear friend.  They have a bigger sized family, but they have sacrificed (yet again) to bring our child home. She is one of my first few "go to's" for prayer.  I don't know how to put it any differently.  God has blessed me with her friendship.

Thank you know who you are....

We are beyond thankful.

We are stunned at GOD'S GOODNESS!!!!!

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