Thursday, January 24, 2013

An Unexpected Blessing from Jodi

Jodi is about a month from bringing home her boys (Hagan and Griggs) home from China. I've bragged on her before, because...well, she's awesome. 

She is currently doing a giveaway on her blog. That's not all though.

I want to share this, because it's so kind of her. 

She has now included our family (as well as another two precious families) in this giveaway.

For every $10 donation to her adoption you are entered once for a $200 Target gift card.  For every donation to our (or either of the two other families), you also will be entered.  You will just need to let her know on her blog (link below).

What is the sweetest part of this?   She came alongside our family when her family needs funds VERY quickly.  My heart is thankful.  So many of you are coming alongside us in prayer, gifts toward our adoption, and fund raising.  I know I say thank you a lot, but thank you.

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