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An Interview and A Way to Help~Hagan and Griggs

I heard her laugh across the did the speaker.  I think it was his favorite table (ours was a little obnoxious....maybe I should say "my husband and I were a little obnoxious"). 

The next day our paths crossed.  Recognizing each other from the day before we started chatting.

She was quicker on the uptake than I was.  We had followed each others blogs for a couple of years. 

Blog friends became real life friends.  It happens and it's awesome.

I'll tell you a secret.  Jodi was one the first ones to know we were praying about adopting Jonathan.

I gotta share...I LOVE her!!! She is awesome (just sayin').  I have good taste in friends. 

Jodi, her husband Bryan, and her entire family are on an adventure.

I'm not going to say journey, because the more times we have adopted, the more I find that our lives become a little like Indiana Jones (for those youngsters following our blog, that's the guy that played Han Solo in a cool hat doing insanely dangerous things in pursuit of treasure).  

Our kids are our treasure, and around every corner we wonder what will pop out next.  Yes, we have had fires, explosions, snakes, and criminals.  Yup, adoptions are adventures.

The Anderson's adventures have been numerous.  Two little girls have joined their bio blessings (from China!) and Ethiopia brought two adorable boys into their brood!  Their adventures continue though.... 

Seriously, I can't wait to meet their newest treasures!

And treasures they are.....

Hold your breath, because their preciousness just takes mine away!

Hagan (5) and Griggs (2)

Five years Hagan has waited for someone to call him "my son".  For two years Griggs has waited to become family.

They won't wait for much longer.

They are coming little ones.  Daddy and Mommy are coming.

In (most likely) approximately six short weeks mommy will run her hand over Griggs little cheek and daddy will swoop Hagan up giggling.  Six weeks....

Nothing can stand in the way of God's plan. 

God can use us, though, acting on HIS behalf.  The Anderson family is still gathering the funds to travel.  They still need $9000.  It seems insurmountable, but it's not...not for God.

As Jodi shares with us a little about their family, let's go on the adventure with them.  Let's help bring Hagan and Griggs home.


 In Jodi's words....

We were married in July of 1990 and jumped right into the Navy life. Our eldest son, Brady was born Dec 25, 1993, Bryan left for sea a few days later.

During his second deployment Brady was 6 months old when he left, and he came home Brady was 9 months old and had been walking for 2 months. It was then that Bryan knew he would serve his time in the Navy - but he wasn't a lifer, he wanted to be home with us!

Since then, we  have been blessed with two more kiddos - Kenzie (now 16yrs old), Conner (now 14 yrs old).

What brought you to this journey? 
When Bryan and I began dating we had our future "planned" four bio kids and then we would adopt one. 
Haha! God must laugh so hard when we make our "plans"!  
We had our three kiddos and after 3 miscarriages we felt God asking us to build our family through adoption. We never dreamed that God was going to bless us with such a large family! 
How did you share the news with your other children? 

We discussed each adoption with our big kids as we felt God asking us to move. We talked about their concerns and fears. We definitely use the paperwork process to reinstate how much we love our kiddos and how important they are. 
How did God play a role in bringing you to two children? 
When we brought Jailyn home we knew that we needed to go back to China to adopt another Chinese child. We wanted Jailyn to have someone who would understand the feelings of being adopted. 
When we felt God leading us to Ethiopia, we also knew we wanted to adopt two children. Ethiopia allowed simultaneous adoptions - so we prayed for two children. Our coordinator found our boys and called us immediately. Because we weren't paper ready yet, our boys sat on the Waiting Child list - but God had saved them for us. 
When God called us to Griggs - we began praying if God wanted us to bring 2 home from China this time (since China allows that now.) Griggs has dwarfism so we wanted another child with dwarfism. Our coordinator found Hagan in the same orphanage as Griggs. When we committed to them and China approved us - God moved the boys into the same foster family. They have been brothers since July! Praise God!

Do your sons have special needs? Have you heard anything about their personalities?

Both of our boys have dwarfism. It looks like Hagan has the most common type of dwarfism', achondroplasia. Griggs on the other hand does not look to have achondroplasia - so we are not really sure what to expect from him. 

Hagan participated in a summer camp with Bring Me Hope Foundation last summer. One of the leaders told me how much she loved Hagan and how sweet he is. We haven't learned much of Griggs but his photos show a very cuddly sweetie! We can't wait to get them home!!!

Can you share with us your preparations for the boys? 
Not sure what you mean here. Are we ever "prepared" -hahaha!

What are your needs and time frame?
Presently we are waiting for Article 5 and then Travel Approval. We are praying that we will be holding our precious boys by March 1st.
Seriously, I wish I could do justice to this family's heart.  It beats for God first and foremost.  Their passion for orphans is reflected (often) in their words.  Their love for their and across the ever present.
Their boys have a need....their mommy and daddy.  Let's help give the best present we ever could to two little boys named Griggs and Hagan. 
Yes, we are raising funds to bring our son Jonathan home, but there are two little boys that matter across the world.  They wait.....
If God touches your heart for this family tonight, this week, this month....please follow the below link, read more about their family, and help bring these blessings home.
(To donate, just glance to the right of their blog and celebrate our opportunity!) 

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