Thursday, January 3, 2013

Inga and a Little Bit of This and a LOT of That....Mainly Paperwork

I have not been physically or verbally assaulted.  No one has called me stupid or a poopy head.  I have suffered no trauma.

Wait...unless you consider mounds of paperwork traumatic.

Me (and my fetal position) do....

Today I grumped at everyone skipped along knowing someone was going to be a rear end rainbows and unicorns would result from pursuing adoption paperwork.  We ALL know how easy adoption paperwork is, right?  I mean, what could happen? (Snarky sarcasm light hearted laughter)

Side Note: I apologize that my alternate personality Inga is a little snarky today.  She's a little moody.  It's been a long day.

For the last two days I have been pursuing some of the "challenging" adoption paperwork.  Me (in my brilliance) realized that we started back to home school next week and I wanted this stuff done.  I want Jonathan's paperwork all in  a row and ready to go when the horn sounds.

Ready, set,....wait...Kat's finished because she is THAT good.


So this is what I've done for the last two days. 

*I wired some money to Eastern Europe for the initial facilitator fees.
*I took my oldest son to the ER clinic after he step on a long ol' nail...right through the shoe.  Poor kid...tetanus shot, antibiotic, crutches, and some pain meds....
*I swung by our mortgage holder expecting a challenge in getting this paper correct for our dossier.  Ummm....they did it in front of me! How awesome is that????
*I dropped Tom off at home (pain was setting in)
*I took Sarah to Barnes and Nobles so she could use her gift card that grandma bought her for Christmas.

*I updated the adoption finances on the blog (still praising God!!!!)
*Worked with home finances
*General Errands
*Attempted to go to County Clerk to get the most dreaded and feared of all paperwork done (took SIX times last time we needed it).  Of course it was in the middle of down town in a HUGE city and....they said they wouldn't do that paper there.  After eight dollars in parking fees, no begging and pleading would get them to bend.  I then traveled to the tax assessors and they WILLINGLY did the paper they do not typically do!!!!  Prayerfully I will be picking it up within about 10 days (max).  They said it would likely be a lot shorter time period.  PLEASE PRAY IT IS CORRECT!!!!
*Finally I drove down to my husband's work.  We met and had some things notarized at a local AAA.  It's free for us cool people.  Okay, it's free for all members.  I REALLY didn't want to be there and had tried to convince my husband we should just go home and do this Saturday.  I learned this was not God's plan.  As we shared our story and Jonathan's, people started gathering around. By the time we left, most in the office were saying goodbye to us and offering kind words.  We pray a seed was planted today.  I am so glad God looks past my wonky moods and His Will is worked.

So there is my "Inga Inducing" mood...all resulting from a little paperwork (that is TOTALLY worth it).  Yes, I am a big baby.  Yes, I am still in the fetal position (and let me tell you, it's hard to type this way).

I'm going to bed.

Inga is staying up and getting in a little trouble.

Sweet sleep friends!!!!


  1. Haha I can so relate!! I have one darn piece of paper to be notarized this week, but between birthdays, ear piercing, New Years, child having wisdom teeth removed it is still sitting on a table and driving me nuts!

  2. Oh girl I just *hate* the adoption paperwork! But power on through, my friend. Put Jonathan's picture in front of you maybe that will help. ;-)


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