Monday, December 17, 2012

Today and Mini Jael Update

Isn't this the cutest picture our sixteen year old drew?! Jael gives us that face ALL the time!

Thank you to all who have been praying for today.  The home study went wonderfully.  Home studies are never "easy" and our social worker is always thorough (not just assuming), but it did go really well. 

Now we move on to the first part of step two....Thursday Thomas and I meet the psychologist (required for this home study).  We will then set an appointment for four of the oldest kids to meet with him (to check out adjustment with new children added). The added expense is not easy (though necessary), but we will do whatever is necessary to fight for our Jonathan.  Please continue to pray that this step goes wonderfully!

Paula (thank you!) reminded me that I hadn't really updated on what's been going on with Jael.  I'm so behind in almost all updates.

Jael continues to do wonderfully.  Actually, tonight is the first night out of Thomas and I's room.  She moved into her sister's room (Sarah and Bekah).  We just need to get some princess things for the wall.

She continues to just fly when it comes to walking.  We have a appointment with her prosthetist and her physical therapist mid January.  We have the option of going to knees or running legs.  The knees tend to be heavier and will most likely take longer for her to learn to maneuver, but we are still leaning there at this point.  We think that's what Jael really wants.

I have SO much more to share, but today it's just a mini update.  Thank you guys SOOO much for praying.  Please keep Thursday's appoinment in your prayers if you think of it.  We are confident in God and HIS Might....but HE has surrounded us and blessed us so much with prayer warriors.

Also, if you have a moment, please continue to pray for....

*Jonathan to be sustained and for God's Hand to be on him

*For everything to go without hiccup (if it be HIS Will)

*For our family and ALL those involved in this process to be protected from satan's darts/plans

*For the financial to come together and for funds to come in quickly. We are short what we need immanently and for the whole adoption. We KNOW God has this as HE has so many times before.

*For peace

Thank you friends! Have a blessed night tonight!

"The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." James 5:16b


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  1. I was totally praying for the homestudy. I'm so glad all went well! The kids continue to pray for your boy every night at bedtime. I love that we don't have to pray for him to find a family!! :)


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