Sunday, December 23, 2012

This Christmas.....

Last Christmas, this is what we saw.

We didn't understand the conversations going on around us.  The smells, the tastes....all foreign to us.  Last Christmas Sarah, Anna, Jael, and I were in China.

This Christmas is our first Christmas in the United States with a little Asian blessing.

We've spent time reading and teaching little ones just what Christmas is about.

We enjoyed making our Christmas Painting....

We've gone to our local Christmas Village...

We've made some snowflakes...



We've baked some cookies....

Our very "upscale" way of crushing peppermints...seriously probably my favorite part! LOL

Don't they look pretty...yet for some reason everything that could go wrong baking did.  Finally Sarah and I started laughing and said, "Well, I guess we're not supposed to make cookies this year!"

We watched White Christmas, The Toy that Saved Christmas, The Star of Christmas, and many more Christmas movies.

We ROCKED out to Christmas music in the car!

We MAY have even done a little shopping.

Please tell me someone else finds it a little disturbing seeing "Try Me" on a bunch of lip glosses.  YUCK! 

We actually had a Christmas Party with friends as well, though I have absolutely no proof in pictures (except of a cow...don't ask)

We've thoroughly enjoyed our time together, but there is still one blessing missing. He's in the dark reaches of rural Eastern Europe...

Friends have brought us comfort though, and we really are rejoicing in the blessings of Christ this Christmas.

Can you see Jonathan's name down at the bottom on the red ornament?  My bloggy friend (turned into a real life friend - Jodi) made this for us.
Finally we delivered our creations with my little (and not so little) elves.

The look on Sarah's face cracks me up...crazy girl!
What's amazing, as I look through these pictures, is that Christmas hasn't even happened yet. Tomorrow and Christmas we will take it easy and celebrate the reason behind every blessing that has ever happened...Christ.

As my posts seem scattered to my brain, I appreciate all of you hanging in there.  Hugs and Merry Christmas my bloggy friends!!!!


  1. From your bloggy friend here in Florida....Praying for your family! Knowing there is one more for you- waiting. It can be enough to rip your heart out. I am praying for Jonathan....praying for your family, and loving you from afar. So glad God himself is with Jonathan....whispering in his ears that he has a family coming for him....he is special....he is loved....and he is HIS!!!!

  2. So blessed to see your family's enjoyment. We made those cookies too- what a pain lol. Eagerly anticipating Jonathan with you.


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