Monday, December 10, 2012

The Big News ~ Our Christmas Blessing

That our house smells like apple cinnamon is the first sign that Christmas is coming.   We’ve decorated our Christmas tree.  Unfortunately our cats like adding to it and we keep on seeing their glowing eyes from the top branches (no joke).    It’s a little oddly shaped now. 

The Christmas shopping has started, albeit a little late. 

This is a special Christmas for us this year.  Jael is in our arms and our family is all in one country.  Do you remember this day last year for our family?  (Hint: If you scroll down to the end after clicking the below link, you can see the video of our meeting Jael for the first time.)

"God Keeps His Promises"

Sarah, Anna, I were across the world…meeting our newest Asian princess.

The Christmas presents God gives are THE BEST.  Last year’s gift is now giggling and chasing her brother.

Sometimes it does not occur to us that the gifts that are wrapped different, that may not be easily unwrapped (wrapped with the equivalent of duct tape) are opened to reveal the coolest blessings.

GOD wraps presents like no other.  We may look at them, tilt our head, and wonder if it’s advisable to open.

You see, God’s presents are like stepping off a cliff knowing you will be caught at some point, knowing they will hold adventure and often…. things that will painfully grow us…. inside.  Yet these gifts ARE SO COOL!

Do you want to open them up?  Ummmmm…God’s gifts are life changing.  We should always want to, but in our human nature….we don’t always REALLY want to.

We had a gift under our family tree this year.  It was shaped different and lies in a very dark place.  Yet, when you (you know you do this) peel back the wrappings a little and take a peek, this HUGE BRIGHT LIGHT shines out. 

This dark place isn’t common under our tree, COVERED with ornament after ornament and filled with lights.  Then again, Eastern Europe isn’t a commonly underneath any part of our tree….or even most trees. 

In an adult mental institution in Eastern Europe our present sits…and a bright light shines in the darkness.  If you look really close, many bright lights shine.  Our present is an eight year old boy named Jonathan, though others know him by another name.  He looks to be tiny, the size of a toddler.  He’s frail and only residing in this darkness because he has Down Syndrome.  He’s not mobile or most likely verbal.  His hunger has led to immobility. 

Darkness, abuse, bruises, neglect….no touch or sensation other than self created…and many other things….. reside in this dark place where our son is.  Yes, we said it…our son.

As we sit around our Christmas dinners this year, our son is hungry.   We didn’t plan to set another place; we prayed and planned for SOMEONE ELSE to set another place.  There are so many SOMEONE ELSE’S in the world, surly there was one for this unusual and precious gift.

After all, our table is full, our arms are weighted with beautiful blessing.  HE had to be SOMEONE ELSE’S gift.

As many walked past this gift though, ignoring its worth, we kept looking and praying that SOMEONE ELSE would pick it up.  Until my husband and I looked at each other and saw a sign, hanging around each other’s necks that said, “SOMEONE ELSE”.  God placed it there while we weren’t looking.  We are “SOMEONE ELSE”.

So this Christmas, we celebrate a gift…another one that we don’t deserve.  While others may worry about Jonathan being “too hard” or “too much”….we have tossed out any crazy ideas of life being easy.

Long ago, wise men followed a star to a gift that altered ALL our lives forever.  Jesus, the ultimate gift (which NOTHING can compare) did not come to earth for ease….and neither do we.

Please join us as we celebrate another child, a deserving and blessed child of God. 


"The Alternative"


*…..For Jonathan, that God’s sustains him and touches hearts around him.  That he dreams of us and God prepares him to attach and heal, even beyond what is expected.

*….against satan’s attacks.  They have already started…the same day we had planned to “officially” announce Jonathan.  It is whispers from satan already starting.  Even our daughter said, “Wow, these are starting early mom.”  Please specifically pray against not only physical attacks, but ESPECIALLY for our children as satan knows attacks against our kids are some of the most painful.  Please pray our children are completely protected and against emotional  and physical attacks.

*Please pray blessings on this process.  That all papers are correct, medicals are wonderful, evaluations and homestudies go great….and for blessing and speed that can only come from God.

*Please pray God uses this journey to touch hearts around the world and to ignite a new fire for orphans.

Information we ask you to read before responding….

*Jonathan is in Eastern Europe.  Many of you coming from the advocacy site may know him by another name.  In order to respect the country of Jonathan’s birth and their rules we are sharing little information about him or where he is. 

*Yes, he is in an adult mental institution.  In many Eastern European nations, special needs children are often transferred to ADULT mental institutions around the age of five.  Eighty percent die within the first year.  Yes, that statistic is rarely debated and there is no guarantee that Jonathan’s little light will not wane before we arrive.  He is also thought to be in a laying room….a room where children are never expected to leave except by death.

*Jonathan is at a place where “the Lost Boys go”.  That is what is said about this place.  Children are not heard from unless they are adopted.  Two…two children have exited this institution…two.

*God has spoken to our hearts, our lives, and our friends, of that we are 100% confident that we are not trying to lead God…but HE has led us.  We started reticent and we have ended up blessed.

*Our kids are worried…worried that Jonathan will survive…worried that we won’t get there soon enough.  They are NOT worried that they may have to sacrifice as we fight for Jonathan’s life.  They are NOT worried about sharing us.  They know they are cherished.  They know we are there when they need us (and many times when they feel they don’t…giggle).

*We ask you to read the following two links.  This MAY be the condition Jonathan is in.

The parents of these children (who are also in large families) I consider personal blessings.  They have offered us much guidance and the possibilities of what we MAY expect.

*Some may ask, “Why you?”  There is only one answer we can give that is truthful….because God said “GO”.  For those who think it may be too hard, God does not lead and not provide.  God did not say, “GO and because I am speaking everyone will understand.”  God’s work is filled with those who may not understand.

*For those who would like to genuinely question with love, feel free. Please read THIS first and remember that Jonathan is not a statistic.  We’ve had many many months of trying to find Jonathan a family and then many many months of prayer….until God shared with us that we ARE that family.  We understand that it took us many months to realize God’s will and we hope to show that mercy to others.  Remember we are human though and, as our daughter said, “Mom, I’m afraid I may not always react in a Christian way…the way I should…. if someone tells us we should leave Jonathan there.”  Please show us mercy as well.

*For those who are wondering how they might help, please see the following blog post.
When we follow God, He has always provided in the most miraculous ways.

"Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!" II Corinthians 9:15


  1. LOVE:)!!!!!!!!!! PRAYING God's richest blessings on this journey and for sweet Jonathon as he waits! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKK!

  2. So beautifully spoken! Looking forward to see the blessings of this precious gift of Jonathan.

    We are praying for you and yours--strength, joy, and confidence in the Lord.

    And we're praying that "the Lord will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven." (Deuteronomy 28:7)


  3. I don't know you and your family except through this blog but I love you all! Many prayers for you and your journey to your newest son!

  4. Beautiful post to announce the WONDERFUL news! We're praying for all of you, especially for little Jonathon! Anytime y'all get that negative feedback (blog or in person), just remember all of us who are standing with you, bowing before God, asking Him to make the way straight. God bless you each with peace and strength and speed!
    Love you!

  5. And so as God sends you back into the field, we will pray daily for God's guidance, strength and courage for all of you. Because at the end of this journey there is great hope. Hope for a life to be redeemed by the precious blood of the Lamb.Praise God for you to be chosen! Praise God for you to answer His call!

  6. I am really so very happy for your family. What a blessing you have coming! And what a blessing for this precious boy. I will pray for your family to have strength and peace from God. God bless you!!!!

  7. I remember the first time I held my weak, starving child who couldn't look me in the face He was so utterly neglected. I wrapped him in a soft thick Blankie because the bones barely beneath his skin were too painful. I rocked Him, sang Jesus loves you and played this little piggie with his curled little toes. I choked back sobs knowing that he had needed me so desperately & I hadn't known of him. I understand what you're saying, This isn't about you, your needs or your friends opinions it's the cry from a burning building and your baby is inside! God speed!

  8. Father, thank you that a family has stepped forward, following You, to be Jonathan's parents! Thank you that they are allowing You to bless them with this sweet boy! Thank You that Jonathan has lived long enough to have a family, even if they haven't met him yet!
    Father, I pray that You would give Jonathan's family peace and comfort as You help them bring home their son. Please sustain him. I pray that You would soften the hearts of his caretakers for him, and that knowing he has a family coming will improve his conditions. I pray that You would prepare his heart for the love of a mommy and daddy. I pray that You would make the story of his redemption a glorious tale of the love of his family, and that he would thrive with them to Your glory and the saving of many orphans.
    I pray that Jonathan's family would be protected from Satan as they pursue this child. I pray that their health would be good and that no problems would arise with any of their children. I pray the process will be quick and smooth, and that You would plow through any roadblock that might come up so that Jonathan does not stay without a family any minute longer than necessary.
    In the strong name of Jesus, who died so that Jonathan could become a son of God and be saved from the mark of sin with which we are all conceived. Amen.

    My name is Jessi and I have prayed many times for a family for Jonathan. (Hard for me to type his new name :) I was one of the first to donate to his account (although it wasn't much). God bless you!

  9. *CRYING HAPPY TEARS* So exciting to watch others on the same journey of faith! I will be praying for Jonathon and for your family's protection, too.
    Can't wait to see him transform when loved!

  10. What a beautiful post from a beautiful family. We will pray that God blesses your journey to dear Jonathon!

  11. Awesome! We will be praying for your family while you raise funds and wait to go get Jonathan. Blessing to you!

  12. Awwwww! I just knew you were praying about another adoption. God bless you and yours and you embark on this new journey to become a larger family once again. And God bless precious Jonathon as he waits for you to bring him home.

  13. I have earnestly prayed for a Christian family to come for this child for a long, long time. I checked on him (on the RR site) daily, and I cannot explain my joy and gratefulness when he appeared on the "My Family Found Me" page! I have not, and will not, quit praying for him and his new family until he is safely home.
    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. It is sad that in our world places exist like the one were Jonathon resides. What is worse is that let them exist. Every child has value and No One deserves to live like that. I pray that God will bless you with a speedy process in a way that only He can. I pray that people will ask you "Why?", so you can ask them "Why Not?". Know that you are not alone, there are other crazy people we dare to ask "Why Not?" and they are praying for you and your whole Forever Family. -Daniel L Talley

  15. This was so beautifully stated! I have praying for Jonathon since I first read his story! We do not currently qualify to adopt, but my heart ached for him. Rejoicing with you!

  16. I'm so happy that this little guy has a family fighting for him. I have loved him for a long time, but can't adopt him because I am single. He deserves a loving and special family and it looks like God has blessed him with one.


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